New Year's Eve scenario


1st starter:    Assalamu alaykum, dear guests, kind teachers.
2st starter:    Dear brothers, sisters, brothers and sisters.
(Together) Happy New 20__ Year.
1st starter:    Winter by nature
                           pass judgment
Santa Claus is from the north
cold winds.
2st starter:     Came in, winter,
Storm with cold snow.
                           Congratulations, you.
Happy New Year to friends.
 1st starter:     Gone are the old years
The days seem to flicker,
Like Santa,
The rest is over.
 2st starter:     Thank you, old year,
Risqu, you gave a share.
Three hundred and sixty-five days,
You have joined us.
1st starter:    Goodbye today,
We will do it with you.
Let's read in the new year
Only with "four-and-five".
 2st starter:    Indeed, the time has come for us to follow the 20___ year into the depths of history and welcome the new 2017.
 1st starter:       Now let’s quickly warm up our circle and start our NEW YEAR night.
 2st starter:    By the way, we would like to invite you to our 20 ___ old year, which ends today, and the coming 20 ___ year.
 1st starter:  They seem to want to congratulate us. Please
                                                                                                            Old year:
                               Goodbye, goodbye guests,
The boy is a girl
You worked so hard,
Growing up a year.
Following the old year
Welcome to the new one.
You see, it's cute.
Now the slice is coming out,
I grew up with you, I learned,
And I grew up to be a year old.
When my term expired, so did I.
It's time to leave.
New year:
Hello, hello guests.
The boy is a girl
You're so excited,
You fixed the party,
Happy New Year,
You followed the old one
Old compact term
Finished and went down in history.
It's the New Year, and so am I.
It's my turn to come.
You see, I'm crazy,
I’ve been small for years
I came to you to grow,
Many victories.
Love me right now
I'm yours from now on.
Father, mother, grandfathers
Both loving grandmothers.
I'm excited
They increase my speed,
You read well too
Read the knowledge
You are one year old
Let the country mine bread
Three hundred and sixty-six days,
And so is the night
I will be your guest
I grow fat
When the time comes,
When my term expires.
I agree with history,
But now I am.
A fun game is played New Year, old year dances.
 2st starter: Happy New Year, cousin! I love this holiday so much, don’t you?
 1st starter:  I will miss this holiday. As if on the eve of the new year to me in the spirit of mysterious wonderful events.
 2st starter:  Indeed, it is natural that there will be no surprises on New Year's Eve.
 1st starter:  If so, what is it like in our circle today
What if something unexpected happens? Let's watch it together.
 2st starter:    In our circle, we will be watching the performances and dances of the 8th graders as they prepare for the celebration. Please.
 1st starter:    Celebration of 8th grade students in our district
we watch their stage performances and dances that have been prepared. Please.
2st starter:    In our circle, we will be watching the performances and dances of the 9th graders as they prepare for the celebration. Please.
1st starter:    In our circle, we will be watching the performances and dances of the 9th graders as they prepare for the celebration. Please.
2st starter:    The participating students are very well prepared for the celebration.
 1st starter:    Dugonajon let’s get together with these participating students.
 An interesting condition
 2st starter:1. Balloon conditions (conditions inside the balloon 1. Singing a duet. 2. Playing on one leg. 3. Whispering as a dog. 4. Eating a lemon).
 1st starter: 2. Play the role of your favorite actor or actress.
 2-leader: 3. Boys with their eyes closed
invite our girls to the waltz.
 1st starter: 4. Speak fast.
 2st starter:  He is the deputy director for spiritual and educational work of our school to _________________ bersak PLEASE!
1-leader:  Our New Year holiday is coming to an end.
 2st starter:    True, today's holiday is coming to an end, but the New Year holiday is still going on in our country.
 1st starter:    Happy New Year,
Victory to you.
More in the new year,
Gulasin says.
2st starter:   To every apartment
Risqu fasting,
Of all people,
Let Iqbali laugh.
 1st starter:    Independence is in our country
May it last forever,
Let's call it the new year.
Good luck.
 2st starter:    Today's joys,
Without leaving us,
May God bless us.
 1st starter:   HAPPY NEW YEAR!
 2st starter:    May your best wishes come true in the NEW YEAR!
 1st starter:    May new hopes and wishes be with you in the NEW YEAR.
 2st starter:    Peace from your family, blessings from your home!


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