Poems about language


Every nation, every
a nation of its own
considered sacred
language Til
of the people, of the nation
history and culture
embodies in itself.
At the same time he
development factor, an integral feature of the nation and
is one of the symbols of the sovereignty of the state.
Article 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan
As noted, the state language of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Uzbek language. The Republic of Uzbekistan is on its territory
languages ​​of all nations and peoples living there,
respect for customs and traditions
creates conditions for their development.
This is the legal nature of the state language by constitutional rule
status was strengthened.
The Uzbek language is peaceful, serene and harmonious in independent Uzbekistan
it is also the mother tongue of all peoples and nations
has become. Uzbek has the status of the state language
It is the mother of other nations and peoples
does not prevent them from communicating in the language
It should be noted. Indeed, Article 18 of our Basic Law
as defined in Article
“All citizens in the Republic of Uzbekistan are equal
having rights and freedoms, gender, race,
national language, religion, social origin,
beliefs, personal and social status
they are equal before the law. ”
There are more than ten in the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan
language broadcasts and broadcasts and
representatives of all nationalities and cultures in our country
There are special programs that cover the life of the centers. This is it
and different nationalities and peoples living in Uzbekistan
is an expression of respect for their language.

Mother tongue
My mother tongue is my mother tongue,
From the cradle to the broken ear.
This is the language of my country, my blood,
From ancient times the mother earth.
The noble language we inherited from our ancestors,
It is a treasure for generations.
A language that mirrors our hearts and souls,
What a genius we give to this world.
Infinity of the Wild,
Both sincere and friendly,
Mother of God,
From tears, from white milk,
Inequality of joints,
The roar of the valleys,
From the lament of the young men,
From the silence of the oats,
Run language is the mother tongue.
Gullasin Vatanim, yashnasin elim,
May happiness and bliss spread,
In a world without harmony,
Let my tongue speak the joy of my tongue.
Raising the prestige of the mother tongue,
I also strive to always be high,
Loyalty to the motherland,
Best wishes to everyone.
Uzbek is my mother tongue,
Every melody is a flower,
To truly love my mother tongue,
I know this is the right path for me.
"Mother tongue"
The infinity of the savages,
Both samumi and hovuri,
Mother of God,
From tears, from white milk;
Inequality of tugai,
The roar of the valleys,
From the lament of the young men,
By default of oats -
The mother tongue is the mother tongue.
The time of the flood of the rivers
The lion's roar,
The blue comparison of the passes,
From the glare of the snowy mountains,
The reed house of the shepherds,
The alpine image of Gorogly,
From Alpomish's claim -
Native language - Mother tongue.
The rage of the tulpars,
Stone bite, fire,
The golden word of the ancestors,
From the painter:
Weaver's weed,
The ripple of the plumber,
This is a double ox of the soil,
The appendix is ​​also available -
Created language -
Mother tongue.
This land is lifeless
Tarlans, eagles,
From the sound of the trumpets;
The invincibility of the invasions,
Grandmother's advice,
The sound of the drum,
From Dutor's Tension -
Common language - Mother tongue
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