Poems about numbers for alphabet holiday and math event


Poems about numbers for alphabet holiday and math event

0 number
“Attention my name is zero,
Be careful, my reader.
I'm not alone
If I am a partner, I am a weaver.
It's not hard to sign up
Just draw a circle!
1 number
I count to one,
I am easy to count
One heart, one head,
One moon, one sun,
I also like to write,
I look like a peg
2 number
I have two names,
Two at once I am ready.
Two arms, two legs,
Two eyes, two ears,
Well what do I look like
Like a swan in a lake!
3 number
My name is Three Birmen,
When combined, there is power.
He says I count to three,
Every lion that plays a condition.
It's not hard to write,
Two bites.
4 number
I am the number four,
I have two jams.
If two pairs of friends,
Four ulfats at that time.
Practice writing pizza,
One leg ladder!
5 number
I have five names,
Advanced in numbers.
If I add one by one,
Five claws in hand.
Good writing,
I look a little like a hook.
6 number
Six after five,
I got the numbers
If you add two threes,
It will never be forgotten.
Knowing how to write
It's like a simple loop
7 number
My name is seven,
Now don't say dwarf.
I am one in six,
I am a seven-star ball.
A small sickle on the line,
A belt around the waist.
8 number
Count to eight,
If you add two fours,
The moment I get it,
Good to know, brother
Know where to subscribe,
Imagine a cocoon.
9 number
I am nine,
I am alone in numbers.
One bigger than eight,
Of course you know.
Learn to write slowly.
The tail of the hook is below.

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