Scenario of the event "Spring in my country"


"Spring in my country"
"Spring in my country" event sscenario
         The stage is decorated with national adras fabrics, flowers and balloons of different colors. Pictures of our poet Zulfiyakhanim, Russian chemist DIMendeleyev and the words "Spring in my country" with the periodic table of chemical elements are hung in the center of the stage. The beginning of the event: the national trumpets will sound. Heralds, national games, Bahoroy, Navruzoy, Dehqonbobo will visit the stage.
1st starter:
Spring dies from human eyes
Its wave in all veins
Snow like the vain mother of the past
Beiz bedart melts spark.
Beginner 2:
In the almond blossom on cool mornings
Purple lip, spring on the ground
The flight of birds, the tenderness of the earth
Spring in the hills in the velvet valleys.
1st starter:  Assalamu-alaykum. Teachers who add a special charm to our circle like spring flowers.
2st starter: Assalamu-alaykum. Pupils who are ready to open like the first buds of spring.
1st starter: Welcome to our holiday event "Spring in our country", which is held on the occasion of the arrival of spring in our country.
2st starter: It is well known that the first month of the unique spring season is the month of natural sciences.
1st starter: Client I will tell you one poem and you will find the author of this poem.
The gardens are a meadow of flowers,
Every tree is in a tarawat.
A palm garden labor-it is the homeland of the harvest,
A different beauty, a different color is in every tree.
One flower in each variety, one flower in each flower,
Every tree leaf is a world story.
The harvest of each is unique,
Power, protection for each other.
2st starter: I found this poem to be written by our talented poet Zulfiyakhanim and it is the poem “Gardens are in bloom”.
1st starter:  You are right. I did not remember our poet Zulfiyakhan in vain, because March 1 is Zulfiyakhan's birthday. This year, the 102nd anniversary of Zulfiyakhanum's birth is being celebrated in our country.
2st starter:Indeed, the bride of spring, the most prosperous period of human life, youth is also called the spring of life. That is why almost every poet is inspired by spring and writes poems that glorify it.
1 starter: Otherwise, we give it to poems that make hearts happy and sing spring. Please! (Grade 5 G students)
Student 1:
Gone are the cold of winter
Both stormy days.
The moon is behind the 'starless'
Tim's dark days.
Student 2:
Now the sun is shining more
To the fields, to the gardens.
Hugs and showers,
To the hills, to the mountains.
Student 3:
Taft to the sun, love the earth,
Spring in the mountains filling the streams.
The magic that gives life to flowers,
Nature comes to life, spring in the gardens.
Student 4:
Winter swept the snow,
The sun was shining.
The smell of mint,
When spring comes.
Student 5:
Lightning struck the walnut tree,
Tulips flowed in the flood.
We liked the gentle wind,
When spring comes.
2st starter: In the spring we will have national holidays. On such days, national dances, songs and poems are sung.
1st starter: Yes, that's right. One such national dance on the stage is performed by the 5th graders.
"I sewed a doppi" dance
2st starter: Spring is a season of rejuvenation. This season, our national holiday Navruz is celebrated. Young and old alike look forward to the holiday.
1st starter: In Navruz, our national dishes are sumalak, halim, blue somsa and greens. All celebrate this national holiday with fun with their grandmothers, mothers and family members. (A grandmother-looking participant sits on a blanket. Her grandchildren visit her.)
Grandchildren: Assalamu-alaykum buvijon. How are you?
1st grandchild:
The rain is soft,
The grass grows day by day.
I also play now,
Grandma, this is Navruz!
2- grandchildren:
Coral presented willow,
Bring bees.
Lola Peshvoz Qaddi Dol '
Grandma, this is Navruz!
3- grandchildren:
The world lives in flowers,
Like a thousand and one peacocks.
Green floor mat,
Grandma, this is Navruz!
4- grandchildren:
Walk, lead out,
Leading a bunch of flowers.
Click on the flowers lab
Grandma, this is Navruz!
2st starter: Our great ancestors did a lot of scientific work in various fields. We are proud of what they have done and strive to be like them.
1st starter: One such ancestor is Ibn Sina. His famous work "MEDICAL LAWS" has survived to this day.
2st starter:  We now turn to a scene about our great ancestor.
(5-G class, 7-B class)
One day Mirghiasboy, who believed in his wealth, met Ibn Sina and said to him:
Mirgiyosboy: -I’ll ask you a question, and then you’ll go on your way.
Ibn Sino: -Well, tell me your question.
Mirgiyosboy: -What is the most precious thing for a human being in the world?
Ibn Sino: -Knowledge to the mind, wealth to the mindless.
Mirgiyosboy "I can buy science for money," he laughed.
They continued on their way. Two or three months later, Mirgiyosboy became seriously ill. No doctor could find a cure for the disease. He then ordered the rich man to find Ibn Sina. Ibn Sina came to the rich man and treated him.
Mirgiyosboy:"O great physician, I will scatter all my wealth under your feet."
Ibn Sino: - I'll get a penny or two for medicine, I don't need the rest of your money. At that time, many sick patients were cured by Ibn Sina. Ibn Sina did good to everyone until the end of his life and helped the widows. When Mirgiyosboy heard that Ibn Sina had died, he built a sagana for this great physician. You see, he who does good will surely find good.
1st starter: The human body is in dire need of various vitamins and other nutrients. We find such vitamins in fruits. Customer Do you also love and consume fruits?
2st starter: Yes, if not, fruits are necessary for human health. What do the fruits say if they come into contact with the language. Let's watch it. (Class 5-G)
1st starter: It is a song and dance that opens a person's heart.
2st starter:
The season is over, the ketibon winters,
Friends are spoils, walk gulistans.
 Beautiful 6th grade girls perform a dance. Please.
1st starter: Rich in magic and industry, it is the science of chemistry. This science amazes and arouses the interest of students with its interesting experiences and miracles.
2st starter: Today is a double celebration. That is, the birthday of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev's periodic table. Not everyone knows how this periodic system was created.
1st starter: Please watch "The Adventures of Atomjon".
The starter comes out on stage and starts talking:
In ancient times, there was a joyous event in the house of molecules on the Greek side. (A participant in a mother's costume comes on stage carrying a baby.) A child is born into the family. The joy of family members is boundless. Can't you be happy if a child is born in the family? According to tradition, naming it falls on educated, famous, wise people. (A participant in the form of a Russian scientist Democritus appears on the stage.) Such an honorable work was bestowed on the famous scientist Democritus. The scientist took the baby in his arms and froze in astonishment. He was very dwarf, unsightly, but very active, cheerful, with his mouth open and trying to speak. Sensing that Murgak could do a lot, the scientist said to him, "Let your head be made of stone, my child."  "Atom", that is "Indivisible" He says.
Atomjon soon lost his tongue and talked frequently with Democritus. (A tall student jumps on stage in the form of Atomjon.) 100 years have passed since Democritus died. The atomic has grown considerably. One day, Democritus meets his compatriot Epicurus Atomjan and receives a message from them. Atomjon's mother has a hard time with Aunt Molecula, and Atomjon's mother and Molecula leave their homeland, the place where they were born and raised, begging traders and coming to Russia. When M. Lomonosov heard that the mother and child had arrived in Russia, he took them home and introduced himself:
Lomonosov: - I've been looking for you for a long time. I finally got to see you, to talk to you. Democritus, Epicurus, you know your uncles well. They are the scientists who brought up atoms like you and introduced them to the world. There are a lot of atoms like you here, too, and I'll introduce you to them. I have written a book about your relatives, their names are elements (Atomjon is surprised). Don't be surprised! Element is your name. The nature of you and your mother will be the same, the nature of the other atoms will be different, ”he explains.
Lomonosov explains to Atomjon his new name, that there are many atoms like him, that they also have their own families, that they all need to be collected, that these elements are of great benefit to humans. Thus, Atomjon and the molecule begin to live in the house of Aunt Lomonosov. One day they receive a letter.
Ms. Molecule: "Son, you've got a letter."
Atomjon: - From whom did you read?
Ms. Molecule: -No.
Atomjon picks up the letter and is surprised to read the name of the stranger.
 Atomjon: -Dmitriy Ivanovich Mendeleev… - Mother, a man named DI Mendeleev is inviting us as a guest.
Aunt Molecula and little Atomjon set off to visit. The sound of trumpets was heard in the place where the address was shown, and it was felt that it was a great ceremony. The guests were greeted by a white-bearded old man.
Mendeleev -Come on! Atomjon-u, Mrs. Molecule! Go upstairs, please, my dears, 'he greeted warmly.
When they entered, the large room was full, and the occupants were almost identical, but did not know each other. A young man stands up and starts talking, looking at those who are sitting.
-Dear guests! Our teacher DI Mendeleev will tell you why we invited you here. Let me introduce them to you. They are great chemists, first-class physicists, hydrodynamics, metrology, geology, chemical research, a brilliant thinker with a thorough knowledge of the chemical industry, one of the founders of the Russian Society of Chemists.
Mendeleev: "Dear Mrs. Molecula and Atomjon, I am very glad to see you here. My purpose in inviting you here is to introduce you to each other and to talk to each of you separately." The most important thing was to bring you together. To do this, I have built a seven-story building for you, with a separate room for each of you. So far, not all atoms have arrived, and the number of arrivals is 62. I could not send an invitation because the address of those who did not come was unknown, but we will leave a separate room for them. Once these atoms are found, we place them in their rooms, and gradually the rooms of the building become full. We will gather all the atoms together and form a "City of Atoms". (Indicates the periodic table when the elements are not written, the periodic table will be written as "Atomic Town" above). The decoration of the rooms is the same size, so there should be no transitions from one room to another.
Atomjon:- Grandpa Mendeleev, where did you think of building this building?
         Mendeleev:- «Oo! My God! ”(After that, Mendeleev shook his head, took a deep breath, then laughed, and finally firmly :)
- “I’ve been thinking about it for maybe twenty years, you think: sitting down and suddenly, ready! No, it is not! ”
(Responding to Dmitry Ivanovich Atomjon, the discovery of the periodic law shows that for twenty years the interdependence between the elements has been based on a thorough study of their interactions.)
Mendeleev:"Come on, Atomists, I'll put you in your apartment." I placed the lightest and oldest Hydrogen atom in the first of our house. I placed the next rooms in ascending order of atomic weight. I have prepared a passport for each of you. (Shows passports on the table). The passport clearly states the origin, weight and room number of each of you. (Example: shows the passport of the hydrogen atom in the first room of the city.)
Mendeleev:- Room number - 1. Name - Hydrogen. Sign-H. Massasi-1, 008.
In this way, the atoms introduce themselves in sequence.
You will not find me free
Never let me down
I'm in the universe,
The sun is brighter than that.
Heat the light
I will turn,
Spreading around
I'll stay first.
I'm so afraid of water,
Berkinaman kerosene.
When I collide with the air,
I turn to oxide.
I am far from Germany
Merchant Brand,
Brand was poor before
I was found rich.
The most active is free,
The compound is an inert material.
Damage to teeth if not enough,
When I grow up, the stones cry.
     If you want to dilute,
It's too hot.
In the dark night lighting,
I have enough fiber.
I measure the temperature,
I'm not going anywhere.
Applicants are plentiful,
My name is Mercury.
More than 5000 years ago,
They found me in Egypt.
I look like beautiful gold,
So I am very happy.
He places the hydrogen and the atoms that came as guests, giving them a passport and a room key, depending on their names. (Atoms congratulate each other and applaud.)
Mendeleev: -Atomjons! You can now sit in your rooms and take a break. I will call you in turn and talk.
Atomjon is upset and asks Mendeleev.
Atomjon: - I have lived and studied with my mother for so many years, where does my mother live now?
Mendeleev:  - We will accommodate Ms. Molekula in a separate hotel. You can visit them from time to time, ”he explains.
The mother and child say goodbye sincerely and disperse. Atoms (elements) take their passports, room keys and settle down. Thus DIMendeleyev created the "Periodic Table of the Elements" - "Atomic Town".
The introductory concluding remarks: Thus, in 1869, the great master, the founder of chemistry DIMendeleev, with the participation of 62 elements, created the "periodic system of chemical elements" in front of you. Today, as a result of the rapid development of science and technology, chemical elements, their oxides, bases, acids and salts are used in all fields.
1st starter: You can tell when spring is coming by looking at the girls.
2st starter: Why do you say that?
1st starter: Because girls cut their hair fine and wear skullcaps.
2st starter: Yes, look at the girls, they even wore boys' skirts.
1st starter: I remembered talking about the dope. Mirabror lost his skullcap.
2st starter: Let's ask Mirabror, who took his skullcap? (National lapar will be performed with the participation of 9 "V" class student Alimuhammadiyon Mirabror.)
"The dope is gone" lapari.
I went to the market and bought a doppia,
I was surprised it disappeared.
I suspect that everyone took the doppi, wow,
If they can, let them doppini-eey.
One substance I went to chemistry
Sardor came to me simply,
I suspect Sardor is simple, did you get the doppi?
If they can, give them a doppini. (A student with a disordered head comes out)
I went to chemistry for a tube
Shavkat domla came to me,
I suspect Shavkat teacher, did you get the doppi?
Let them take the doppini. (A teacher with books and glasses comes out)
I went to the market with an iron bucket
He came to me blind,
One of my suspects is blind, did you get your skullcap wow,
Let them take the doppi. (A blindfolded student comes out)
I went to the store for a bottle of vodka
Master Tesha builds a house,
I suspect master Tesha, did you get the skullcap wow,
Let them take the doppini.
Lots of limestone in construction
A pen came to me,
I suspect you're a pencil sharpener.
Let them take their skullcaps. (A beautiful girl comes out with a mirror)
There is a lot of acid and alkali in chemistry
Aka Kochkor experimented
A suspect aka Kochkor, did you get the doppi?
Let them take the doppini.
I went to the market a lot of rumors
The girls got their doppies,
I suspect these girls, woe is the dope they got,
Give me your doppia soon.
(Girls wearing doppies come out. One of them puts a doppia on Mirabror)
I wore a doppia, it was good
The young man became a man,
I liked the doppi
You also wear a doppini.
1st starter: A magician also visited our holiday.
2st starter: Welcome to the magic scene, we hope you will surprise everyone. (A participant in a magician's costume goes out and demonstrates samples from chemical experiments.)
1st starter: Thus, our event dedicated to the opening of the month of natural sciences has come to an end.
2st starter: Let the spring mood leave none of you, be healthy
thank you for your attention

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