Scenario of the event dedicated to the Constitution Day


Encyclopedia of Happiness. December 8 - Scenario of the event dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Encyclopedia of Happiness
   The classroom is festively decorated: posters, children draw
pictures, balloons. A pleasant melody sounds.
          -Laughing hot face,
           Our shining eyes.
           Assalamu alaykum
           Our very first word.
All: To loving mothers,
              To passionate fathers.
             From Qadr to teachers
             Assalamu alaykum.
  Student 1: Hello, dear guests of our holiday! It is called the Encyclopedia of Happiness
Welcome to our event!
     The national anthem will be played.
 Student 2: There is such an important book in every country that it is called the Constitution. In the Constitution, the whole country,
important, which also applies to individuals
There is information
Such a book is the book of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
called the Constitution of the Republic.
 Student 3: On August 1991, 31, Mother Uzbek
declare our country a free, independent republic
di. Our state has its own Constitution, land, borders, state language, national currency soum, army.
Student 4: On December 1992, 8, the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was adopted. Cons-
 Our title consists of six chapters, twenty-six chapters, Article 128
consists of dadan. This day is celebrated as a holiday-
di, everyone rests.
    Dance performed by class girls.
 Student 5: Where everyone was born and raised
is his dear and honorable Motherland.We
He was world famous for his name Uzbekistan
we live in a beautiful homeland.
 Student 6: Strengthening the independence of the homeland-
It is important for everyone to contribute.
 In this case, the students also have their own
knowledge, participation in school work, good manners
and contributes to courtesy.
Student 7: Individuals and citizens in the Constitution-
defining all rights, freedoms and duties
Now some articles of our constitution
Let's take a closer look at
 Student 8: Article 1. Uzbekistan-sovereign demo-
static republic.
"Republic" and "Uzbekistan"
              Uzbekistan is a free homeland!
              Homeland full of light!
              May your independence last forever,
             Stand up until the worlds stand, Motherland!
             The breath of heaven on your soil,
             You are my grandfather’s dream
             I am very proud: Vatatim-
             Republic of Uzbekistan!
  Student 9: We all speak Uzbek in our family
we talk We were born to speak this language.
We will learn this language step by step.
first of all, because we heard it from our mother
We call it mother tongue.
Student 10: Article 4. The Republic of Uzbekistan-
The state language is Uzbek.
                In this language Temur grandfather
                He commanded the army.
                Navoi's melody,
                Bobur collected pearls.
               "Language is the glory of the people" -
                 This is the word of the ancestors
                 Mother tongue title-
                 State language status.
Student 11: The state language is in every country
indicates the existence of a common official language.
Children of other nationalities living in the kindergarten,
they study Uzbek at school.
Student 12: Article 5. The Republic of Uzbekistan
their state symbols approved by law-
has a flag, coat of arms and anthem.
                A repeat of what my grandfather said
                He said that independence is happiness.
                There is a symbol of the Free Motherland:
                Flag, coat of arms and anthem.
               Today my dad gives a lesson
               You have to take care of it,
               The symbols are also sacred:
               Flag, coat of arms and anthem.
Student 13: Article 6. Republic of Uzbekistan-
The capital of the country is Tashkent.
                You are my capital, Tashkent,
               You are my capital, my capital!
               Even if it is more than two thousand
              My young and young town!
              In the history of Shosh,
              My generous, sunny town.
              No peer, no logo,
              You are Tashkent, Tashkent!
    " My homeland is my homeland ”song
Student 14: Article 29. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, speech and religion.
               Thinking, words, beliefs
               We have freedom.
              Tafakkur, free creation
              Josh is beating in our blood.
             They said, "Think first."
              We think we think.  
              When it comes to speech
             We speak politely.
  Student 15: Our parents want us to be healthy-
They want us to be smart, agile, strong-
we definitely need to be healthy for ourselves. This
Proper nutrition, personal hygiene
follow the rules, do your own lessons in a timely manner
we need to rest on time.
Student 16: Article 40. Everyone is qualified
Has the right to medical care.
               Illness, grief,
              Suddenly you fall asleep.                   
              Doctors rushed to the scene
              This is the time to come.
              Qualified medical care
              The doctor shows
              Service to El is a great generosity
              There is an old saying.
   Student 17: School is a sacred place, education -
upbringing mask. Young hunters by our state
all in schools for lodge education
conditions are created. Only now can we work
we have to master the lessons well.
  Student 18. Article 41. Everyone shall receive knowledge
The right to free general education in the state
guaranteed by.
               The mother is in the arms of the school
               We receive free education.
               Our President is honored
               We will be perfect people.
              We strive for the goal
              We are still making progress.
              Children of Independence -
              We will be happy.
     The song "My school" will be performed.
Student 19: Article 47. All Citizens Cons
perform the duties set forth in the Constitution              
               We know our rights,
              We also remember our duty.
              In the main encyclopedia “Burchingni
             do it. ”   
             Respect for parents,
             Obey the law,
             Loyalty to the motherland,
             It is a duty habit for all of us.
  Student 20: Strengthening the country's independence
Everyone is welcome to contribute
It is the duty of the students
contribute to their knowledge, good manners, manners
  Student 1: The Constitution of the Republic
Article 52 states that the protection of the homeland is the duty of every citizen
 to protect one's mother, family, home,
means to protect the people.
                Blessed is the mother earth
               Gives us strength.
               To preserve this Motherland
              The most sacred duty to us.
              Growing up is the foremost                  
              We take our places in the ranks.
              Courageous oath
              We will remain faithful forever.
       Dance performed by class boys.
Student 2: The universe around us is very much
also wonderfully, mysteriously structured. We all put nature
where do we live. Because all around us
things belong to nature. Mother Nature
day we must preserve.
  Student 3: Article 50. The surroundings of the guests are natural
to be careful with the environment
are forced.
                 The pen I planted today
                 There will be a big poplar.
                 Just be careful with it
                It needs to be maintained.
               The mountains are beautiful, the meadows are beautiful
               We love the scent of flowers.
               Remember, friends,
               The value of nature.                 
 Student 4: The family starts with the parents.
Our mothers give us all the love and care they need.
We are not yet adults,
but very much of every child in front of the parents
There are many duties. Most importantly, the child
s should be kind to their parents.
    There is kindness in their eyes, there is magic in their words,
   A vigilant-loving mother on the cradle.
  White washed, white combed, looking our way,
 A kind-hearted mother-in-law.
   Parents are the backbone of the family, a great support like a mountain,
   We are happy because of our joy.
   May they be healthy and prosperous,
  Let them be happy tomorrow.
Student 5: Article 66. Adult, to work
gifted children are about their parents
are obliged to care.
                  Dear mother!
                 Dear father!
                 You gave life,
                 Bol, you gave novvot.
                My sun, without my mother,
                 Be there always you are!
                 Growing up, of course
                 In a lifetime of service
                 We will be sure,
                Father, mother!
     Singing the song "Parents' Prayer".        
Teacher: Dear children! We are your happy, blissful
We want you to grow up to be
You live in a free country called Uzbekistan
you are growing up. Decent children of our country
You can read well to be a bee, a lot of
you should try to know the Independent
The future of our Uzbekistan is a harmoniously developed generation
in hand.

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