Scenes dedicated to the life and work of Alisher Navoi


A good garden will remain.

One spring day, Sultan Hussein was bored sitting alone in the palace. Since he had not seen Mir Alisher for a long time, he went to the neighborhood where his friend lived.

He went and saw that his friend was working in the garden.

Hussein: Do not despair, my friend! Why didn't you show up at the poets' meeting when you offered gardening?

Alisher said, "When spring comes, plant seedlings." I pluck the dried apples from this garden and plant three or four walnuts instead.

Hussein: My friend, what is the use of gardening when you are old?

When do these nuts come into fruition - when do you eat the fruit? Wouldn't it be better to sit quietly in this garden?

Alisher: - Friend, have you heard the saying that it is better to be bored? I am planting these seedlings not for myself, but for the children of the neighborhood. One day, "This garden is left by Mir Alisher!" that is to say, it is more delicious than any blessing.

Hussein: Otherwise, take these coins, my friend. You get seedlings!

Alisher: - You see, my friend, the seedlings I planted have already started to bear fruit.

Scenes dedicated to the life and work of Alisher Navoi
Scenes dedicated to the life and work of Alisher Navoi


Author: Alisher Navoi and Hussein Boykaro have been close friends since their youth and went to school together. Their teacher was a very sharp-witted man.

One day he wanted to know the minds of his disciples, what they were interested in. He drew a picture of a head and a sword for both of them and asked them to write a comment.

Teacher: - Comment on these pictures.

Alisher: - It is a great honor to speak.

Whoever can't, is a pearl.

The pearl of the four pearls,

The constellation of the seven heavens ul.

Hussein: I praise the sword and sing hymns about the fighting.

The teacher said, "After listening to the comments, he looked up at the sky, pointed to the bright sun for Alisher, and the black cloud to Hussein Mirza. He said to Alisher, 'Well done!'

Hussein: Master, when you forgot to reward me.

Teacher: Looking at the Prince:

"You've got a vodarig award." The head is a symbol of the mind and serves people. The sword, on the other hand, resists reason and inflicts a "vodarig" disaster on the head.



Author: Navoi went to Samarkand after the death of his father and studied at a madrasah. Seeing many difficulties, he finished his studies and returned to his hometown. On horseback, on foot, he met an old man somewhere.

Alisher Navoi raised himself and recognized his father's shepherd.

Shepherd: Is it a dream or a dream? Deb. He immediately unbuckled his belt and served the bread with milk.

ALisher: Whose sheep are these?

The shepherd said, "My son, all these sheep are yours. When you were there, the cattle left by your father were in everyone's hands." Your father had given me 200 sheep for you during his lifetime. These sheep are now over 700 in calving. I am glad that I have put your father's will in its place, and I have now entrusted these sheep to you.


Alisher: - Father, you are also a child, take these 200 sheep for your service!

The rest of the sheep were driven to the market, and the sheep were surrounded by buyers because they were fat.

People: How much money do you have?

Alisher: - I am selling my sheep on credit. On the condition that you give the money on the day the king dies. Let him who is accustomed to my condition lead one by one!

The palace of the king.

Spy: O king of the world, today a young man came to the market and distributed 500 sheep on credit. He wished you death on the day the king died.

The king was furious and said, "Go and bring those pots to me now."

They tied his hand behind his back and brought Alisher before the king. The king looked at his childhood friend Alisher Navoi.

The king said, "Why have you given so many sheep to the people?" Why did you need my death?

Alisher: - My friend, I did nothing. When I heard that you were king, I plundered the sheep. I could have given it anyway. However, some people are wary of free goods. That is why I said that you will give the sheep money on the day the king dies. Now the people who took the sheep said, “Let our king not die. They wish you life, saying that when the king dies, the merchant will squander his money.

Hussein: Well done, my friend, from today you will be appointed Minister!

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