Schwarzman Scholars: Full Scholarship for Masters in China


Schwarzman Scholars: Full Scholarship, Free Accommodation, Airfare and Stipend for Master's Study in China!
Capital 450 million US dollars equal to the amount Schwarzman Scholars will begin accepting applications for its scholarship program beginning in August 2023 on April 2022, 13. This program is designed to develop the next generation of global leaders. The program brings the world's most talented and ambitious students to one of China's most prestigious universities - 1-year master's degree at Tsinghua University provides an opportunity to expand one's leadership skills and scope of professional activity by studying at the stage. This university is on the list of the most prestigious universities in the world as of April 2022 17th place take over is standing (according to QS rating).
All those admitted to this program study the subjects specified in the following 3 directions:
  • Leadership
  • Global Affairs
  • China
In addition to the compulsory subjects in the above three areas, there are a large number of subjects that the student can study independently. With these subjects HERE learn more.
Every year for this grant program Up to 200 people student is accepted (all accepted are automatically awarded a grant).
Who is the scholarship for?
For those who have completed (completed) the bachelor's degree and those who want to study at the master's level
Link for more information
Benefits of the scholarship:
The following benefits are offered to students admitted to the program will:
  1. Contract money and other university fees are paid.
  2. Accommodation and food are provided.
  3. Travel expenses to and from Beijing are covered at the start and end of the program.
  4. The type of in-country research and its costs are covered.
  5. Necessary books and study materials are provided.
  6. Each student is given a Lenovo laptop.
  7. Health insurance is paid.
  8. A stipend is provided for student expenses.
The candidate must meet the following requirements:
  • The candidate must have at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent diploma/certificate from a higher education institution. Current undergraduate students may also apply, in which case the candidate must have earned their bachelor's degree by August 2023, 1. Graduates/graduates can also apply for this program as long as they meet the age and other requirements.
  • Specified age. The candidate must be at least 2022 years old and not yet 1 years old as of August 18, 29.
  • English language proficiency. The candidate must be able to communicate in English without difficulty and express his/her opinion clearly. Non-native English candidates are asked to provide proof of English proficiency (TOEFL PBT 600, TOEFL iBT 100 or IELTS 7.0).
  • Marital status. Married and unmarried candidates have the same right to participate in the program. A candidate with a family can bring their family members to Beijing if they win the scholarship. But the student must live in the dormitory, and family members cannot live in the dormitory. Therefore, the cost of their accommodation is covered by the student himself.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA). An excellent GPA can help a candidate get into the program. However, there is no set minimum GPA to apply to the program, and students who can demonstrate their ability may apply to the program regardless of their GPA.
  • Citizenship: Citizens of any country can apply.
  • Field: Those who have studied/undergraduate in any field can apply.
For more details on the requirements HERE visit.
Program admission process:
Acceptance of documents to the program From April 2022, 13 begins and Until September 2022, 22 accepted online. Initially, on the reception page an account is created, and then the application is filled out and the necessary documents are uploaded to the system.
Sections required to be filled and documents to be uploaded while applying online are as follows:
  1. Personal information. Biographical and contact information of the candidate is included.
  2. "About Me" section. This section asks:
    Biographical profile. In this, the candidate must describe his leadership achievements and future aspirations in up to 100 words. This is how to write a biographical profile of those admitted to the program in previous years HERE you can see and find out.
    Resume / CV. Maximum of 2 pages.
    Video introduction. It is not mandatory to submit it, but it is strongly recommended. Here, the candidate provides a link to a video introducing himself. If the video cannot be downloaded due to technical reasons, the candidate should write a short explanation.
    Interests. The candidate must select up to 2 interests that align with their professional and leadership passions.
    The information of those who submitted before. If you have taken it before, you will write an answer to the question about the development of your leadership skills since then. Leave it blank if you haven't submitted it before.
  3. Education. This section includes information about your post-secondary/secondary education. This section should also include the university(s) you attended, your grade point average for your grades and your grades in each subject. Enters undergraduate grades and grade point average.
  4. Language skills. In this case, the candidate uploads a language certificate: IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL iBT 100 or TOEFL PBT 600. It is also possible to mention 2 more foreign languages ​​that he knows best (if he knows it; if not, it is not necessary to mention it).
  5. Leadership roles and outcomes. It lists up to 10 of your leadership roles, awards, publications, and more.
  6. Professional experience. If you are currently a student and have no full-time work experience, you can skip this section without writing anything. Enter up to 2 jobs if you have full-time work experience. Only full-time jobs are included.
  7. Experience abroad. If you participated in an academic, professional or volunteer activity outside your home country for more than 2 months, you can enter up to 2 of these.
  8. Essays. Each candidate has to write 2 essays and 2 short answers to questions. 1st essay will be about leadership (Leadership Essay) and should not exceed 750 words. 2st essay (Statement of Purpose) should not exceed 500 words. Essays are very important in the selection of the candidate, exactly what to write about will be given in the application form. You will have to give a short answer of no more than 2 words to 100 questions.
  9. Recommendations. In the application, the candidate includes the contact information of 3 recommenders. Then he clicks the "Send to Recommender" button, and a link to submit a recommendation letter will be sent to the recommender's email. The recommender will need to write a letter of recommendation through this link.
  10. Disciplinary measures. All questions in this section must be answered. List and explain all academic disciplinary actions and/or criminal actions (if any) that have been taken against you.
  11. Additional Information. If you want to clarify any information in the application, you can comment in this section.
  12. Signature. The candidate must certify and warrant that the documents and information provided are correct and complete, that the essays were written by him/herself, and other such important circumstances. When you are ready to submit your application, you will enter your full name in the appropriate field and this will be your electronic signature. Then you click on the "Continue" button.
  13. Review. A warning will appear if any required section is not filled in or there is another deficiency in the application. You must correct these deficiencies. Once corrected (or if everything is correct), a Submit button will appear. By clicking this button, you submit the application.
IMPORTANT: The above application processes are abbreviated. To get to know them in detail HERE visit.
Applicants will also be interviewed face-to-face or online in October or November 2022.
On April 2022, 13, an online information session will be held regarding admission to the program. To participate in it HERE pre-registration is required.
Answers to frequently asked questions FROM HERE you will find
Regarding admission questions You can contact the email address.
Regarding technical problems in submitting an application You can contact the email address.


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