Script of the event dedicated to Navoi and Babur's birthday


Script of the event dedicated to Navoi and Babur's birthday
Listen, listen, history is speaking over centuries,
The poem read by a high mountain.
The echo is equal to the cry,
Five and a half centuries in my homeland,
The age-old cry of Hazrat Alisher.
Bobur Andijani, an Uzbek boy,
Babur is poetry, there is no limit.
Babur - grass, separation, oh-u-zor, hijran,
Our hearts are together, but we are far apart.
The curtain opens. Babur's palace in India.
Babur is on the throne, holding a meeting with his retinue
Image through an overhead projector.(?)
Let's pay our respects to Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, our King of Zahrafat.
- Thank you, mavlana.
Person 2:
Olampanoh, will you allow us to continue our discussion, which consists of the poems of Hazrat Navoi.
On top of the head, may the Maulana be from you.
This flower has no interior, it is a frog flower.
If you are happy, do good.
- Borakallo, Mawlana, All things in existence are beautiful and graceful, but man was created great. He is the culmination of existence.
- The truth is, if you deserve the honor of being a human being, don't consider those who don't care about the people to be human beings.
A man is not a man
Onikim, the grief of the people who do not exist.
Goodbye, goodbye.
He is the only intelligent being who has a great gift. That's why responsibility for every particle of the world, let faith and belief not leave us. Amen.
If not, let love be two worlds,
There are two worlds, so don't be a soul.
Without work, there is no life,
Husnni netsun kishiki oni is not available
Is it not obligatory to love the country, take care of the pain of the people, and take advantage of one's brothers and sisters?
- Tasanno, olympanoh.
According to the opinion of Hazrat Navoi, even if it is in a wooden bowl after bowing with respect and reverence, it is worthy of praise from an Uzbek hand. In another of his ghazals, he puts the jacket and cap worn by the Uzbek above the crown of kings.
Let me watch the king's crown
Uzbegim has a cap on his head, a shirdogi on his back, that's it.
("Fido" dance)
- Olampanoh, Sultan Muhammad Hafiz is waiting for you on horseback.
- Who has come?
-Tashkanddin, olampanoh. They came with the intention of visiting your nobleman.
- Did you rush? Tell him to come in. Maulana Farigiy, who is this? Have you ever heard of it?
- Olampanoh, this breed that will destroy you will be one of the famous allamas of Movarounnahr. I have heard that "Koykiy" is a pseudonym.
-7 Our prayers and respects to His Highness Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, the light of the climate, our King of Generosity
be Greetings, Olampanoh.
- Hello, welcome. Please have a seat. May your visit be accepted in the presence of Allah.
- Service, olampanoh.
- Amen, may our king live long, and may his kingdoms increase.
- My unannounced visit seems strange to the Olympians. My job is to travel, travel the world. This time, I have brought greetings from your motherland, the land you have seen with your eyes wide open. The blessing of your country must not have risen from the blessed memories.?
- No one can forget the kindness of Ul Chaman.?! Can't the eyes of a forgotten person be filled with saliva?
- A person can never forget the land where the blood of the navel was shed. May your memory be full, they still remember your blessed name in those lands.
"Didn't the long journey tire you?"
- No, no. By the way, I owe you a so-called deposit.
"Lovely love"?! Congratulatory inscriptions of Mir Alisherbek.
- Yes, Olympianoh. What beautiful art. May the soul be almsgiving to the yurt where the breeze of love comes. Alisherbek was a rare breed. Every time I read it, I am amazed that no one has recited Ash'ar in the Turkish language as much and as well as Ul Hazrat.
- A good book is the food of the human soul.
-Bring tea, we will have a long conversation, God willing.
Let's listen to the teacher's ghazals. In our Dargah, there are students who read ghazals very beautifully, and their diltartar khusovaz are in harmony with Navoi's writings.
3 girls read ghazals. Dance.
Door handle:
- Olampanoh, ambassadors from Afghanistan and Indian kings have sent you.
- Thank you, guys.
Indian Ambassador:
- King, I have brought you a message on behalf of the Indian kings. (The letter is read.)
"You decided to prevent religious-sectarian conflicts, to establish peace and justice in the country. You passed a fair law. The fact that you abolished the tax on non-religion and forbade the cremation of the deceased husband with his wife is your respect for our people. Start development works. you dug ditches, built buildings, gathered scientists and virtues around you, respected the history, customs and traditions of our country. We would like to express our gratitude and express our utmost respect to you." Attached are these four belonging to your pen.
Although we have not met Mir Alisherbek, we are bound by other ties. Since my youth, I have great respect for that person's personality and creativity. Look at this, Alisherbek started writing "Khamsa" in the year I was born, and when I conquered Samarkand, the popularity of "Khazayinul Maoniy" spread to the whole Turkic world.
The truth is, I don't know Alisherbek's mentor and patron to the people of virtue and the people of art.
I heard that His Highness Navoi's client is famous for his delicacy.
Otajon, the Turkish "Khamsa" is the highest example of the teacher's thinking, that is, he is the master of the art of Turkish words. Shall we listen?
(Definition of "Khamsa" - behind the curtain)
Thank you.
(Dance "7 beautiful".)
. Blue:
- Navoi's Farhodi is the exact example of perfection, isn't that right, olympanoh. Such works have left an indelible mark on the noble language of the people.
- That's right. "Farhod and Shirin" and "Layli and Majnun" are unique examples of epic poetry. Every time my sons read them, they praise the purity and attractiveness of our Turkish language.
- Dear father, let's listen to "Farhod and Shirin".
- It would be very nice.
"Dialogue between Farhad and Khisrav" - 9th grade
"Farhad and Shirin dating."
__I heard that there are rare masterpieces and books that cannot be found in gold in your library.
- Yes, it is. Using these, our student of science revived a passage from Alisher Navoi's "Lison ut tait". Let's watch
- On the head.
(Lison ut-tyre)
Author-Diora, behind the scenes:
The creator created the universe with his mighty pen under a clear plan
The goal of creating the entire universe is man, who has no equal in all creation. He made the human heart a treasure of various knowledge. And in this spell the god hid himself.
At the age of 4, Mir Alisher Navoi memorized Farididdin Attar's work "Mantiq ut-Tayr" and was helped by this work for a lifetime. In the last years of their lives, they created the work "Lison ut tayr".
One day the birds of the grove, forest, sea and desert gathered. They made a boat with love, and when the party was over, they wanted to fly to the sky. None of them had a specific place on this flight. Finally, those in the race broke out, and those in the grid did not listen to them. In the end, they needed a king who would be honest and pious, who would establish good order. The birds decided to look for a just king and homeland.
Friends, we need a leader, so that he is honest and religious, he establishes good order, he is fair. Let us obey him and let him lead us to the Homeland where we live a happy and prosperous life.
. When the birds wanted a king and were surprised to find him, Hudhud told them about Simurg:
O heedless and ignorant group! For you there is a king who has no equal and no equal in the world, whose praise a hundred thousand tongues cannot express. He is the king of all the birds in the world, he is always aware of your condition.
He is close to you, but you are far from him. He makes hundreds of thousands of wonderful colors shine in His land. Each color itself has a thousand different beautiful patterns. He lives in Qaf mountain, he is called SImurg.
You are far from it, but it is closer than your jugular vein.
O you who breathe life and speak heartily, You are the companion of the prophets. Guide us to the right path. Save from the trap of ignorance.
O master of right guidance. We are too humble and weak. We are a bunch of weak souls, thin bodies, and low spirits. The road ahead of us is very far. , the stakes are high. How do we find this way?
O companion on this journey! As you know, this road consists of 7 valleys:
From the valley of demand, only the honorable, honorable, upright guide will lead you.
In the next valley, the best way is love. Bo is the love of a comfortable space, the love of happiness. Whoever realizes this does not fear his life, his pain is a candle in a dark world.
Then you step into the field of Enlightenment. Each person's closeness to enlightenment is according to his marriage.
The valley of patience is vast, and the high sky is low in front of it.
Contentment and Goodness will be your support.
Through labor, we will receive royal favor.
(Demand, Love, Enlightenment, Istighna, Monotheism, Awe, Faqru Fano Valleys)
Sing a sorrowful song, O mutrib. I'm dying of sleeplessness. To understand myself, to understand who I am. (Game. "Horse wing" Sherali Jorayev)
O crown, see that sometimes I am straight, sometimes I am crooked. Sometimes I engage in debauchery, sometimes I practice piety. Sometimes I worship God, sometimes I worship an idol. I can't find the right way with my changing intention.
This kind of stupidity is inherent in everyone. It is caused by the soul and the soul. Whoever denies his hypocrisy, his priesthood will prevail. You need a mentor for this, who will save you from this kind of dishonor. As long as you are familiar with lust, your mind will be damaged.
Be our guide, your knowledge is more than all of us
Oh, the one who is perfect in showing the right way. Among all the birds, I was destined to eat food from the hands of the people. People build houses and shelters for me, birds bring me water and grains. In the world, I am a prisoner of people's trap, that's why I got used to them. Isn't it better that I didn't go on this arduous journey, thanking fate.
Oh, he has made various excuses for himself. You have a nest of tricks and tricks. The birds are surprised by your condition. It is impossible to find someone who is not as enthusiastic as you. You have become a prisoner of the water given by people. People tie a rag to the end of a stick and chase your gang - ku! They will show you so much pain - yes, and you will smile at them greedily, you will not be able to go anywhere else except under their roof.
I moved away from the flower that gave courage to this gathering. When I was separated from him, I fell into a state of infatuation, mind, consciousness, and patience became alien to me. I have no patience without him. When he leaves the garden, I will be dumbfounded. I am quiet in the garden with his memory. He is alone in my mind and in my mind. It is necessary to bow to the king with a perfect face. Let this work be the way for a flower lover like me.
Everything you say is just a whim. There has never been a fool like you in the world. Is it so much trouble for an unfaithful pox that opens for only five days a year, and after ten days it is scattered on the soil?
O master of birds! My kingdom is great, but my anger is bad, I am a hero in the mountain country. Every day a few partridges are my food. ,if not for this, I can't sleep at night. If I go up in the air in search of food, a deer or a deer will not escape from me.
Your breed is worthy of the praise of a young man, and your horse is worthy of a wrestler. But alas for this beak and claw and happy wing of yours! Oh, you bastard! You want the real goal! Don't show your weakness like this, you'll pull your wing aside before you get on the road. Know well that only a person who gives up his sweet life and enters this path can be called a true wrestler and hero.
When the birds heard these strange words, they forgot all their troubles in life. They covered the road with the speed of lightning. There was always a dangerous valley in front of them. But some of them were able to cross this hard road, while some of them were weak and weak. Some of them lost their way and got lost on the road.
We are now subject to you, you are our boss. Whatever your goal is, we will make it happen.
You are our commander-in-chief, and we are the army. Wherever you lead us, we will follow.
O dearest of the birds. Tell me, why are you aware of hidden secrets? And we are unaware? Explain to us what the reason is.
I had received the favor of a great man. It is because of this that I have such a high honor and a high crown of rank on my head. Those with a pure heart look at someone, and this look turns the soil into chemistry.
O auspicious nature, the ego is oppressive to me and endlessly enmity. Whatever is ordered, he acts contrary to it. There will be no forgiveness for his misdeeds. How do I overcome this difficult path?
Day and night, you are a prisoner of lust, and you play with absurd noises. He got higher than you and you were defeated by him. If you were his prisoner in childhood and immersed yourself in ignorance with fun, you did not lose him even in your youth. , you didn't think about it for a moment. Now you've reached old age, but you're not giving up your habits and you're doing debauchery. probably not found.
O leader, we are your caravan. Start the journey.
(Game. "Sarbon" Sherali Jorayev)
They flew tirelessly for years and were not afraid of the calamity that faced them. Because the road was endless, disaster, pain, suffering and violence were endless. Some of them succumbed to serious illness. As a result, only 30 birds survived.
Strange bird
Hey, who's this gang? What kind of team? Who are those who have suffered a thousand calamities and found nothing out of the calamities? Who are these worthless dust, who are the wanderers?
We are a weak group that is humiliated and oppressed. We went in search of heaven, and we dreamed of reaching it.
Strange bird
O wandering gang, in this situation, in what language do you mention the name of the country and the king? This is such a great place that even a hundred thousand suns cannot shine like a tiny particle, and a hundred thousand roaring elephants are like one dead fly. In such a place you are neither present nor absent. Go back quickly without saying such nonsense.
Wow, sorry for our wasted work.
Is there a group as sad as us, far from the hopes of dreams?
Don't be discouraged. We have overcome a hundred problems by stepping on this path. Do not suspect that you are far from the original goal. We have reached true maturity on this path. If a lover has reached maturity, all paths are open to him. Happiness and unhappiness are equal for him.
The author is Nuriddin brother
The purpose of these 30 birds, seeking enlightenment and wealth, suffering and suffering, and reaching this place, was to show their face to them, and to achieve unity from nothingness. But everywhere they looked, they saw themselves. God, what a wonderful word, that 30 birds who dreamed of Semyrg saw themselves as Semyrg.
In this case, just as the mother of pearl turns into a gem, whoever realizes who he is, has opened the spell in the heart's treasure.
(Game 3 birds)
Babur: Tasanno. Goodbye
- A guest has arrived from Movarounnahr. Made from Andijan melon. Bring it?
- Melon from Andijan? Bring it.
Chopar brings melons. Babur takes the melon and sniffs it for a long time:
- Thank you, I felt my homeland and Andijan in the heat of this melon. You made my sick tongue very happy.
The bird of life rests in the Hijran cage,
Ghutbat shortens this precious life.
Ne nav' bitay firogu ghurbat comment
Whose tears wet your face.
If there is anything in the world, hijrondin is bad. Everyone is worse than you, this is worse than you.
He cries. "Goodness: song
Khomein: "Father, what happened?" Be patient.
- Tohirbek, bring Juzdon. (Tohirbek takes the newly bound Manuscript and gives it to Babur.
- In Badakhshan, you asked for "Vaqai". Here, I have finished writing it, take it.
My request is that your descendants read this book. Make copies of it and send it to worthy people in Samarkand, Tashkent, Andijan.
"Father, you are corrupt, you want to give me the kingdom." But believe me, I prefer your one breath of life to this throne!
- I agree with you. Continue my work. So that generations may remember the glory of the Timurid dynasty with pride.
Babur's ghazals and rubai are recited
The curtain closes.
The next scene is "The Absentee Meeting of Navoi and Babur"
The curtain opens. Babur and Navoi on stage.
- Hello, teacher.
- Thank you, Mawlana.
- I am very grateful to have met you.
- I am also familiar with your works, mavlana.
- I read your divan without missing a beat, and your five epics are my children's favorite works. People who read "Mehnatnama" and "Firoqnama" enjoy it.
- Mawlana, people envy your talent and enthusiasm. Your kindness, humanity and correctness are an example for generations.
- I learned humanity and philanthropy from you, teacher. Your writings, equal to jewels, are the nourishment of the human spirit.
(Navai and Babur go back to back. Pupils read from ghazals and rubai on both sides.)
Dude, enjoy the gathering.
State your entire community.
The flange of the wheel is here, for the tengri
Enjoy each other for a few days.
Don't build statues for me, okay
Don't put my name on the streets.
Don't come and disappear over my grave
Don't raise my name to the sky.
Greetings on my birthday
For me, neither a dream nor a great desire,
This is my only request to you,
As long as you keep your identity.
Poems about Navoi and Babur
Poem of the initiators behind the curtain (about Babur and Navoi)
With song and dance.
According to experts, "Boburnoma" is still the most important work after "India" of our great grandfather Beruni in covering the history of India.
Babur was a charming person... He was a typical ruler of the Renaissance, a brave and enterprising man.
Javoharla'l Neru
Among the rulers of Asia, we rarely meet geniuses and talented people like Babur.

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