Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 12/128GB Features


Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 12/128GB Features


Screen refresh rate
120 Hz
SIM card format
Nano SIM
Number of SIM cards
Protection level
Operating system version
Android 10
Screen technology
Screen aspect ratio
There is
Memory card slot
There is
Communication standard
3G, 4G LTE, 5G, GSM 900/1800/1900
Body material
metal and glass
Bluetooth standard
Screen pixel sizes
3200 × 1440
Samsung Exynos 990
Front Camera
40 MP
Rear camera
108 MP, 48 MP, 12 MP
220 g
Battery power
5000 mAh
Screen size
Permanent memory capacity
128 GB
RAM capacity
12 GB


Galaxy S20 | S20+ | Meet the S20 Ultra. Capture revolutionary 8k resolution and capture high-quality Ultra-clear photos directly from video. Add to this reliable Samsung Knox protection for all your files, a smart battery, a super powerful processor and a large memory. Open a new chapter in the history of mobile devices.

In low light, a professional camera takes several pictures at the same time. Then combine them in one photo. The enlarged sensor and artificial intelligence, together with the Night mode, make the picture bright, clear and rich.

With a super-powerful, smart battery with a capacity of up to 5000 mAh, you don't have to be distracted to charge. The smartphone adapts to your habits and saves energy, allowing you to do more on a single charge.

Powerful Galaxy S20 | Anything you shoot with the S20+ and S20 Ultra's camera saves a lot of storage. If you need more storage, expand it up to 1.0 TB with a microSD card.

A special secure processor for the safety of your PIN, password, unlock pattern and personal lock key. The Knox platform reliably protects your smartphone at all levels of security: from software to hardware, so that only you have access to your personal data.

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