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5 THE BRIDE OF SPRING.                                                                                                                                           In the first days of spring in my country, as soon as it starts, the chirping of birds takes over everywhere. This tells us that spring has come. Spring is the beginning of the seasons, the period of awakening. Animals that fall asleep in the winter wake up in the spring. That is, the awakening, the beginning of a new page, the beginning of the path, enters the beginning period. There are three spring months: March, April and May. Although very small, it embodies the national holidays of our people. Just as every nation has its own national holiday, we also have holidays that reflect our national identity. They include the eighth of March Women’s Day, the national holiday of Navruz, and many other holidays. With the onset of spring, buds begin to emerge from the trees. The hills are lush green, with a hint of crimson hues. The waters overflow and overflow. The edges of the waters begin to bloom, mint. All areas will be cleared, various flowers will be planted, landscaping will begin. Different seedlings are planted. Spring holidays are celebrated with great solemnity. The holiday of Navruz, which embodies the national identity of our motherland, is a clear example of this. In the spring, the voices of children reach the skies, because the hills come out and pick flowers. Different games are played. The night of the spring from the twenty-first of March to the twenty-second of March is equal to day and night. From this day on, our days begin to lengthen. This is also the faith that God has given us. This is the new year of the new day of Muslims. Our farmers are also slowly lifting their hoes and making their way to their fields. It melts and throws away the places where it cannot withstand the wrath of winter with the golden rays of the sun. Spring weather is cool. Gradually the days start to get hot. In the spring, people give each other love, happiness, good health, our loving mothers, our beautiful women, our sweet sisters, our sweet little girls, their beauty and elegance.                                                                                         
 Imagination is a gift given to man by God. When a person thinks or wants to do something, he first imagines it. He does it to the level of imagination, in which he does not let the fat pass. Another type of imagination is that of dreaming. There is a difference between dream and imagination. The reason is that to dream is to dream of something that one does not have and to strive for it, and to imagine is to imagine something and bring it to life. Thinking of spring brings peace and dreams to the human heart. When we imagine spring, our hearts pound. Spring renewal make new dreams ,We imagine stepping into life as making new plans. Spring brings a world of news. As you imagine again, the scent of peach blossoms in the fields and tulips in the mountains comes to mind. Spring is beyond our imagination. We can't imagine spring without sumalaks, festivals, our national games. The first holiday that comes to mind is Navruz. The stories of our grandmothers tell us about it, the history of Navruz, its origins and customs. And on the holiday of Navruz we can not imagine without the struggle, various sayings, national dances. Nature has given us such blessings that we should be thankful for it. We cannot imagine spring without sumac, summer without water, autumn without blue, and winter without white pieces. So let’s imagine the bride of the seasons in our imagination so that we can see the same in practice. I am imagining spring. First of all, I can see the blossoming of the trees, the joy of the people, the joy of the children on the hills. I imagine that sumalaks are cooked in our stone pots and shared with everyone, landscaping is being done everywhere, bringing joy to hearts. I imagine a spring that includes all good deeds. We can’t imagine spring without a swallow againSwallow brings a hairy grain dun.
I liken spring to a new era of rejuvenation and renewal. As spring arrives, he begins to spread his blue dress around. The environment is becoming more and more beautiful, reflecting the elegance and charm. He is also compared to a bride. Spring is again compared to women as well. The reason is that a woman can attract any man to herself, demanding a delicate delicate taste. Spring is the grace of fortune telling. Spring is as patient and steadfast as the mountains that women endure. It retains its beauty no matter how windy or rainy it is. It brings the purest thoughts to people's hearts. I liken spring to a woman. Of course, our women are strong enough to share their beauty with their loved ones. These are our women who cry or laugh when there is a perfect time in all respects. I know that spring is a comparison to women.
Spring is distinguished by its freshness, beauty, rejuvenation and prosperity. Again, sowing the seeds of goodness in the hearts of people is like doing good deeds. As spring spreads its seeds, it excites the hearts of all people. In spring, our national holiday Navruz is celebrated. All people have the same joy, happiness, happiness and blessings. In the spring, we all realize our identity once again. Distinguished without losing nationality. With our national dishes, games, holidays. Spring is the first step of the seasons, the beginning of the road. Spring is the flower of the seasons, it gives a special mood to the creature. It is distinguished by these aspects. As you watch the spring scenery, you instinctively want to add more beauty to this beauty. It is definitely distinguished by such beauty. In my opinion, the spring season is characterized by richness of nationalism, harmony with beauty, kindness, creation, creation, elegance and other aspects. If we count, the most important thing is that it fits the nationality.                                                                                                                                                                                  You are the lone queen of the four seasons,
The end of all beauty is you,
You are the wish of lovers!
Are you coming back, spring?

You are the gold of the earth and the sky,
You are the beginning of my song,
You are the companion of my golden cradle!
Are you coming back, spring?                                                                                                                                           They really make spring look like a bride. The reason is that it is rich in beautiful unique colors like a bride. Another reason is that the yard where the bride comes from is clean and tidy. When spring comes, people gather all their places. Where there is purity, there is always blessing.    Every poet and poetess is a lion in the name of spring. Every day of spring is a holiday, every day is a day of renewal, change and many other mysteries. Spring first comes in a white dress like a bride and then manifests itself in different colors. The reason is that while the almond blossom is white, the tulip peach is reddish-pink. And in the hearts of people, rejuvenation encourages new ideas. He remembers the name of spring over and over again on various holidays. During the holidays, the condition of the sick is taken care of, the elderly visit and do a number of other good deeds. That is why it is said that the bride of the seasons is the lover of love. Again, on our holidays, the bride's greetings are not in vain. Spring and the bride are compatible because they both have a symbol of elegance and beauty. May He lead us all to good deeds. .   I also wrote a lion for spring, the bride of the seasons, if I may refer you to this.                                                                    Spring !!! Spring has come to my land,
There was a tulip on each side.

The river is full of water,
Today is spring in my country.
Nature has opened a new dice sheet,
Sleep fled from the trees.
The vine branches opened their eyes,
Spring has come to my country.
The sun shines a golden light.
The birds fluttered their wings in the sky.
Dazzling crimson colors catch the eye,
Spring has come to my land.

a thing of my own creation                          
source: raimovamalohat.weebly.com  

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