Studying the subject of the mother tongue


Studying the subject of the mother tongue
            Topic: "IDENTIFYING NAMES"
The topic of the lesson: Identification of nouns
Course Objectives:
a) educational: to students the noun group, its questions,
to give an understanding of the function in the sentence;
b) educational: education in the spirit of love for parents and country;
c) developmental: development of beautiful writing skills
Course Outline:
I. Organizational part. Greeting students.
The information of the student on duty will be listened to, my student
readiness for the lesson is determined. They ask about the day, season, and month.
Determination of students' political knowledge. About the homeland
asking for poems.
II. Reinforcement of the subject. Home from students
the given task is asked, oral question-and-answer with students
and "Whose rocket flies faster?"
an educational game will be held. Homework is requested.
Farewell moment
The child is dear, his manners are dearer than him.
III. Description of the new topic.
Nouns are determined using questions
1. Who? A student, a seamstress
2. What? Pencil, apple
3. Where? School, Fargana
Exercise 205. Read. Identify the nouns. First ki m ?, then
what ? copy the nouns that are the answer to the question.
Rana says: - My heart that brightened the country,
How beautiful our summer and autumn are.
Asom says: Sun, moon and stars!
Nizam says: - Night and day!
The scientist says: - Man, animal, trees!
The wise man says: - River, sea, hill, mountains!
Amon says: - Get gas, mines out of the ground!
Time says: - Sky, sea, forests!
I will read the poem expressively. First ki m ?, then n ima ?
they find the nouns that are the answer to their question. From groups
students write the exercise on the board, the rest of the students
they copy to their notebooks.
Who? Rana, Asom, Nizam, Scholar, Man, Wise, Aman,
Zaman, Shodmon, Gardener, farmer, uncle, Shavkat, worker,
What? Summer, sun, moon, animal, river, sea, mountain, girl, sky.
A minute of rest will be held.
In this, the students stand up. Multimedia
a song will be played from the application. Students are also together
they act by saying.
We swim like fish,
We fly like the wind.
We are wise children
We fly like birds.
IV. Consolidation of a new topic.
The exercise is read and explained by students.
The words in the exercise are given to the students in handouts
is given.
Group 1 persons, Group 2 things, Group 3 natural phenomena
identifying the nouns that denote their names in their own independent notebooks
they write
Who are the individuals? Student, waterman, farmer
What are things? Coal, watch, painting
What are natural phenomena? Rainbow, lightning, rain, fog,
wind, frost, dew
What does the word book mean?
Who does the word doctor mean?
Ask Tashkent?
What is a horse called?
What does the word rain mean?
End the lesson by evaluating the active students of the lesson.
Homework assignment: Exercise 207.
Who? Sanjar, Alisher
What? Cowardly, sparrow, chittak, musicha, khoda

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