I grabbed the pen again.
I started writing Lion.
According to the requirements.
I praised the teachers.
Today is a holiday in our nation.
Dear Teachers' Day.
Every educated person.
Appreciates the teacher.
Divide ex teachers there.
Always smile.
We young people are happy.
Always be alive.
Hammon will be remembered.
First grade textbooks.
Explaining the alphabet.
Lessons taught by the teacher.
You say Gox from life.
You learn from the book.
The man who took your lessons.
He is not afraid of trials.
The more praise, the less.
Because you have a bright world.
The man the teacher did not see.
This world does not recognize.
Unknowingly you.
We put a lot of pressure.
In the late region of Umir.
We cry sadly.
Right at some point.
You don't even look.
When you use a hand.
You don’t hit a bad split.
Whether male or female.
Probably a slice.
From the lesson they taught.
Realize your identity.
What do you call a teacher.
Or teacher, domlajon.
You are the life you are.
All of you are welcome.

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