Birthday Greetings Text (Single)


Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart sister! I wish you good health, a prosperous life, the realization of all your noble intentions, never stumbling on the path of life, wonderful and endless moments of happiness! May your eyes never shed tears!

Dear sister! Happy Birthday! May peace, tranquility and prosperity always reign in your daily life. I wish you happiness, enjoy the joys of life and every moment of life, and always have your faithful and loyal friends by your side. I wish you to always be a kind, cheerful young man!

Thanks to this wonderful day, I wish all your dreams come true. May luck, joy and blessings be your constant companions. May you always enjoy the joyful and sincere smiles of your friends and others close to you. I wish you to always be in good health like the text. Happy birthday, little sister!

Happy birthday, sister! I wish you and all your friends good health, happiness, prosperity, a beautiful smile, hope for life and the future - a feeling of confidence and happiness to always be with you.

My precious sister! Happy Birthday to you! I wish you to always be kind and sincere to everyone! I dedicate my best, sincere and kind wishes today, which are extremely precious to you. I wish you the honor of your friends and good health, eternal beauty and happiness in the future!

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  1. Urmattuu (baby's horse)
    I wish you a happy birthday today
    Laugh all the time and never be sad
    I wish you good health, long life and happiness
    Archaday jashtyk - I want music like music
    Achieve your dream, your dream!
    Happy Birthday to you ❤

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