The best-selling product in the world.


The best-selling product in the world.

Such products become the best-selling products as soon as they appear in the store. Only a few of these will remain true bestsellers for a long time to come. Cubic rubik is such a product. Erne Rubik, a Hungarian sculpture teacher, invented the first prototype of the Magic Cube in 1974 in Budapest. In 1980, an American company bought the cubic right and began selling it.

The puzzle toy quickly became an sensation, selling an incredible 400 million copies. In 1981, the cubic rubik was recognized as the toy of the year. Those who can collect Rubik at high speed are called spedkubers. The record for collecting it belongs to Dutchman Mats Valk. He was able to collect it in 5.5 seconds. The largest cubic rubik is located in Knoxville, USA, and is 3 meters high and weighs 500kg.

Are you also interested in how many hours you can collect? 😅

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