The topic of finger sucking is very relevant for parents of 1-2 year old children.
What parents don't do about it… They beat and hit and scream and scare their children…
And how much energy is spent on this - and most importantly, at this time, the child receives attention from those parents who cannot get it in this way.
Granted, this isn't exactly the kind of attention a child needs, but for every child, at least it's better than not getting any parental attention at all.
The 1st reason for finger sucking.
The child does not have the attention of the parents, he really finds a way to calm down with the help of finger sucking, it relieves stress, and he thinks that when I suck my finger, mom will pay attention to me.
Sometimes the child's habit of sucking fingers disappears by itself at the age of 1,5-2,5 years.
This way of knowing the world will no longer belong to a child.
New opportunities, interests, tasks appear, the child simply forgets the finger.
He learns other ways to forget worries and calm down.
I would like to draw the attention of parents of 1-3-year-old children that you should not spend too much effort on getting the child to suck his fingers — everything has its own time, the child decides when to stop this habit. Because as soon as you give your love to the child, the behavior that you don't like can be forgotten.
Believe in yourself, believe in the child, believe in nature, it is wise, if the child is now sucking the finger, then it is very necessary. You learned the reason above.
If the child is 3 — 4 — 5 — 8 years old and he continues to suck his finger, you should certainly contact a specialist with the help of a psychologist, correct the child's behavior and the situation in the family.
It should be remembered that any symptoms of a child (here - sucking a finger) are always a reflection of problems in the child's family.
You can, of course, "frighten" the child, beat, shout, as I said above, this symptom will disappear, but in its place will be a new symptom, another one that annoys and depresses the parents. the problem is that the child either starts biting his nails or comes up with something else depending on the situation in the family.
So, if a child sucks his fingers before the age of 1,5-2-2,5 years - there is absolutely no reason to worry.
In psychology, there are different periodizations of children's development, and one of these periodizations means that the period from 0 to 1,5-2 years is the period of familiarity with the world.
In this, the child learns the world through the mouth - he takes everything in his mouth, "tries" to taste the whole world with his fingers, and stops when he gets the necessary experience.
If, from 3-4 months, you constantly take your child's fingers out of his mouth, and by telling him that it is bad, that you are wrong to do this, the child will say - WORLD, THIS IS BAD, I AM DISAPPOINTED WITH YOUR ACTIONS. He may turn into a timid child, realizing that YOU CAN'T FORBID ME.
What a child needs to do is to "be" his activities from an early age.
gish», to be obedient (as his mother wanted - not to ask for his finger). It is necessary only for the mother.
Do you think it is good or not?
Also consider the family environment.
Consider how difficult and painful it will be for him to go through a family situation.
Therefore, if you feel that sucking a finger is not just knowing the world, you should pay more attention to what is happening in the family.

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