The biggest mafia in the world.


The biggest mafia in the world.

The concept of the mafia was very popular in the last century. Members of such groups controlled almost all areas of income, along with spreading fear and anxiety among the population, of which the world’s most powerful mafia is the Russian mafia, or “red mafia”. This group became very strong in the 60s and 80s, which appeared in the 90s of last century.

It was no coincidence that in those years, teenagers dreamed of joining the mafia when they grew up. Each major city had its own criminal gangs, which infiltrated almost every area, alarmed the entire population, and hundreds of people would die at the same time in their bloody wars with each other. According to the latest data, members of the Russian mafia have smuggled $ 1991 billion out of Russia since 150 and have more than 500 members worldwide.

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