The agony of love: the life and work of Kaan Urganjioglu


Turkish actor, photo model Kaan Urganjioglu, who is known to the whole world through the TV series "Angry of Love" (Kara Sevda), was born on May 1981, 8 in the city of Izmir, Turkey. He graduated from a private high school in the same city. After that, they moved to the USA with their family. Kaan Urgancioglu graduates from college in America. When he turned 19, he returned to his homeland and entered Marmara University in Turkey.

Along with studying, he began to pose for men's magazines with his good looks. Kaan's photos can be found in All InStyle publications. For the first time, a producer named Abdulla Oguz paid attention to her handsome appearance. Kaan will play the lead character for the first time in Karaoglan.

In order to further strengthen his acting skills, Kaan Urganjioglu temporarily returns to New York, where he becomes a student of the theater studio "Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theater".
In 2006, Caan got a cameo role in the film "First Ask". Only 267 thousand people watched this movie in Turkey. After training in acting, Kaan appeared in films and serials in various genres. In 2006, the actor got an episodic role in the comedy "First Love", which was watched by 267 thousand people in Turkey. After obtaining an actor's education, Kaan Urgandjioglu appeared in a number of Turkish serials: the drama "Razluka", the comedy "Stranger Stories", the comedy "Dürüye's Gümüleri". In 2010, the family melodrama "Mejdu dvumya posledovatelnymi" performed by Kaan Urganjioglu will appear on the screen.

The series "ASK" filmed in 2013 made a sharp turn in the creative life of the actor. In this series, he plays the role of Djan Vural, who is hiding from the mafia. In 2014, another series starring Kaan was shown on the screens. There are about 30 films in the works of Kaan Urganjioglu.

Kaan Urganjioglu's personal life was full of love affairs. The actor has been dating Deryn Mermersy, a representative of high society, for a long time. But in 2013, it became clear that Kaan's heart was empty. Soon, the young actor meets Zeyneb Oymak, a photographer.

This humble girl managed to keep Kaan Urgancioglu by her side and in 2016 they announced their engagement. Pictures of this couple can be found on the actor's Instagram page.

​​​​​​​In 2015, Kaan Urganjioglu was invited to appear in the TV series "Sevgi iztirobi" (Kara sevda) directed by Hilal Saral. In this series, Kaan will play the role of Emir. Kaan performed so well in the role that the rating of the actor went even higher.

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