The Passion of Love: The Life and Work of Neslihan Atagul


Neslihan Atagul has become one of the promising stars of Turkish cinematography in recent years.

Neslihan Atagul was born on August 1992, 20 in ancient and beautiful Istanbul. The father of the future famous actress was an ordinary driver, and her mother was a housewife. Neslihan was accompanied by his older brother.

From the first years of her life, this cute little girl was very interested in the field of cinema. He enjoyed watching various Turkish series and movies. He imitated famous actresses and dreamed of becoming famous in the future. As a teenager, he tried to enter the world of show business and cinema. At the age of 13, together with his mother, he visited several agencies with his photos.

And finally, when Neslihan was invited to shoot for an advertising agency, he happily agreed. From the very beginning of his career, he managed to become the face of famous Turkish brands. The girl's unusual beauty and ability to behave in front of the camera began to bring her good luck. Neslihan was increasingly attracted by many advertising agencies. She shot for a series of commercials, and thus Neslihan achieved several successes in the modeling industry.

But Neslihan Atagul was very interested in cinema, so he tried his best to get a role in a movie or series. The dreams of the beautiful girl soon came true. He caught the attention of a film studio and was offered his first role. The career of an actress was also successful and promising.
Neslihan's first creative work was a lucky role in the movie "Ilk ask" (First love). This role was of a romantic character, a role that fully responded to the girl's appearance. Her key role was the character of Deniz in the TV series "Yaprak Dökümü" (Khazonrezgi). Atagu's early steps did not go unnoticed, film critics praised his acting skills and predicted a successful career.

The predictions of film critics came true, and in 2011, the actress received an offer to appear in the TV series "Araf" (Dara), which became popular in Turkey and abroad. Neslihan plays the main character in this series and participates in many film festivals with this role.

One of the most important moments of stardom was Neslihan's shooting in the TV series "Fatih Habriye" (Two Faces of Istanbul). This series was well received by fans and film critics. But this was not the main thing for Neslihan. During the filming of this series, he meets his true love - Kadir Dogulu. A situation that often happens in the fate of actors - a young actress falls in love with her partner on the set. The romantic relationship of the two young couples was very beautiful and enviable and continues to this day. Despite their busy schedule, Neslihan and Kadir always found time for each other. They rested together and went on a trip.

In order to strengthen their love, Neslihan Atagul and Kadir Dogulu will start a family on July 2016, 8 and become one of the happy families.

Recently, the actress finished shooting in the TV series "Love Suffering" (Kara Sevda). His partner in the series was the famous Turkish actor Burak Ozchivit. Burak said that he was happy to work with such a beautiful actress as Neslihan.

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