The meaning of the colors of the flag


The blue color on the flag is a symbol of our clear sky and peaceful life, under which all nations are living peacefully, free from various dangers. The white color on the flag is a symbol of the citizens of our country living in harmony, respecting each other and living peacefully on the basis of the principles of religious tolerance. The green color is a symbol of the renewal of nature and the paradise of our country. This color is a symbol of happiness, hope and happiness in many nations.
The red lines are streams of vital power flowing in the bodies of the country's children who work tirelessly for the prosperity of our country and the development of society.
The flag of our independent country is a symbol of our faith in our peaceful and peaceful, free and free life, bright future. Each of us must remember the sanctity of state symbols, that they remind us that the interests of the country are above all else.

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