The procedure for obtaining an applicant's permit. Applicant-2022


✅ It is known that applicants are required to take part in the entrance tests for the undergraduate courses of higher education institutions. "Applicant permit" is provided.
✅ Applicants "Applicant permit". The official website of the State Test Center on the site from a private office can be downloaded. The State Test Center will inform about this separately.
✅ Then the applicant along with personal information, testing area, test date and time, test building, test shift and group number a series of information will be displayed.
QUESTION-ANSWER.COM The team mentions applicants to test trials with a citizen's passport and an applicant's permit they should come.
✅ This year's tests From August 8 is scheduled to begin, exams are based on the number of applicants in the regions, 10 to 13 days may continue. This was reported by the head of the State Test Center Farhad Mirzayev informed.
Based on last year's experience, tests will be held in 2 shifts. The 1st shift is scheduled to be held from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM, and the 2nd shift from 19:00 PM to 22:00 PM.
✅ "Applicant permit" participating in tests given to applicants.
❗️Applicants to the tests passport (ID card) and applicant's permit they should come with
❌ Applicant's permit in the absence of a passport (ID card). real is not considered
The applicant's permit will contain:
  • ID code;
  • applicant FIO
  • the date and time of taking the test;
  • in which area the test will be held;
  • building number and sector;
  • testing shift;
  • language;
  • group number.

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