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During a certain period of a woman's menstrual cycle, the maturation of egg cells from the ovary, settling in the fallopian tubes and being ready for fertilization is called ovulation.
Knowing ovulation is important for a woman.
Because after having sex on the day of ovulation and a few days before and after it (if there are no other factors - for example, sexually transmitted diseases, the use of additional contraceptives, etc.), the probability of pregnancy is high.
Depending on ovulation, a couple can avoid pregnancy, which means not having sex on ovulation days, or using a condom even if they do have sex. But it is very difficult to know exactly when ovulation is happening.
How to determine ovulation:
1. Through ultrasound diagnostics (the most accurate way).
2. Ovulation tests (a special test sold in a pharmacy: ovulation is detected by dropping urine into the tester).
3. Blood test.
4. Rectal (anus) temperature monitoring (in which the rectal temperature is determined for several months. For this, a thermometer is placed in the anus without getting up every morning and held for 5 minutes. The daily temperature is recorded. A regular rise in temperature is due to the approaching ovulation process indicates. A rise in temperature to the highest level indicates that ovulation is approaching. A rise and fall in temperature indicates that ovulation has passed. If the temperature remains elevated, then pregnancy may have occurred. This method reliable only if there is no infectious disease in the genitals)
5. Fluid in the vagina (fluid released from the vagina increases during ovulation, is stretchy and has a color similar to egg white. After ovulation, it is noticed that the fluid in the vagina is much less or completely absent).
6. Pain (pains in the back, chest and lower abdomen that appear in the middle of the menstrual cycle may indicate ovulation).
7. Some women experience increased libido (desire for sex) during ovulation.
Despite the fact that the method of calculating the day of ovulation (abstaining from intercourse around the day of ovulation or using a condom during intercourse) is unreliable, many people use it. And every woman who wants to get pregnant should have sex on the day of ovulation or a few days before and after.

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