Admission 2022: attention of applicants who applied to military higher education institutions!


📆 This year, entrance tests for higher military educational institutions will be held simultaneously with the tests conducted for higher educational institutions of the republic in the regions of the candidates' choice. will be held.

🔰 Up to five undergraduate educational paths of non-military higher educational institutions with the same set of subjects and the same sequence of subjects for which they will be tested during registration for admission to higher military educational institutions is given the right to choose a choice.

✅ In this case, the state higher education institutions and educational areas, which have a set of subjects and a sequence corresponding to the educational direction of the military higher education institution, where the applicant has submitted an application, are automatically released in the program.

❕ And educational directions that do not match the set of subjects and sequence are not issued. That's why they are When they register online through the site, they do not see all higher education and training courses.

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