In what cases is it impossible to give ice cream to children?


❓ In what situations is it not possible to give ice cream to children?

1⃣After several weeks of illness. After passing the disease, local immunity decreases. Freezing of the upper respiratory tract creates a risk of acquiring a new infection.

2⃣If he is often infected with SARS and tonsillitis (angina). A cold can cause the disease to recur.

3⃣If the child has ulcer disease, chronic gastroduodenitis, gall bladder and pancreas problems.

4⃣If it contains allergy-causing components. Especially animal proteins.

5⃣Lactase deficiency. Ice cream contains lactose and such children are lactose intolerant.

6⃣Diabetes. Ice cream contains sucrose and is not suitable for diabetics.

7⃣Child obesity. Ice cream is high in calories. May cause weight gain.

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