Unique properties of breast milk


Breastfeeding is the best thing a mother can give to her baby. All of her love and care comes with her milk every day when she breastfeeds her baby. Despite the high level of technology and industrial development in the XNUMXst century, nothing has been invented to replace breast milk. This food product is universal and unique, it not only satisfies the baby's need for nutrients, but also ideally suits the capabilities of the child's digestive system and the specific features of metabolism in his body.
However, not all mothers breastfeed until the age of six months. So what bothers them and forces them to use artificial mixtures? Below we will explain the myths that young mothers believe in many situations and therefore do not want to give their children their own milk.
1-MYTH. You have to stay connected to the child on a regular basis.
Yes, this idea is partly true. On-demand feeding of the child is carried out approximately once every 3 - 3,5 hours in the first months. But when you need to go somewhere, you can squeeze the milk into a bottle and ask your loved ones to feed it when the baby is hungry. Breast milk can be stored at room temperature for about 8 hours and in the refrigerator for three days.
MYTH 2. Your milk is not enough and after 2-3 months it will start to disappear.
According to the World Health Organization, the absence or lack of breast milk is simply a consequence of improper breastfeeding and improper breastfeeding. There will be no women without lactation. If you have been breastfeeding your baby since birth and have not given extra food, your milk will not be lost. Of course, there are exceptions. This can be caused by stress, maternal illness, and more. But if the doctor intervenes in time, it will not be a problem to start breastfeeding the baby again.
3-MYTH. The breast loses its shape.
Obviously, a woman’s breasts change from the time of pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be ugly and get hung up. If you follow some care rules, you can keep your breasts in great shape. Contrast showers, exercises aimed at strengthening the chest muscles, wearing special underwear are likely to show their effectiveness.
4-MYTH. Excess weight is gained when breastfeeding.
This idea is absolutely untrue. On the contrary, continuous and proper breastfeeding helps a woman’s body to recover quickly and return to its prenatal state. The fact is that the process of breastfeeding stimulates the production of the hormone oxytocin, which is "responsible" for the uterus to return to normal.
5-MYTH. Breastfeeding mothers should follow a strict diet.
This idea also has no scientific confirmation. Of course, you will need to make some changes to your diet, i.e. remove products that cause allergies, bloating, abdominal cramps in the baby. But the list of these products is not very large. In addition, new products can be added to the diet by observing how they affect the baby after the baby is 2 months old.
6-AFSONA. Modern formula that replaces breast milk has the same composition as breast milk and is just as useful.
Absolutely wrong idea. Unfortunately, it is very common. Companies that make formula say that their product is exactly like breast milk, and even cite statistics and show energetic babies - all of this is nothing more than a powerful advertising campaign. Breast milk contains at least 100 components that are not present in cow's milk. That is why it is impossible to produce a product that can completely replace breast milk in industrial technology.
In addition, each mother's milk meets exactly the needs of her child, and therefore always differs in quality and composition in different women. In addition to its nutritional properties, breast milk contains a number of living cells necessary for the protection of the baby from various diseases, its good sleep, the fight against intestinal infections, the development of the brain, strengthening the connection between mother and baby and antibodies are present. During breastfeeding, an emotional connection is established between two people close to each other, which gives the baby a sense of protection, comfort and serenity.
MYTH 7. It is not possible to breastfeed when a woman is sick.
There are very few cases where breastfeeding is prohibited. You can breastfeed your baby without fear of colds and infectious diseases - antibody-rich breast milk helps the baby fight the disease. And it is the best prevention of infections. The baby does not get the disease or passes it in a mild form.
In the open form of tuberculosis, HIV, herpes causing breast rash, severe diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart, as well as breastfeeding while taking certain types of antibiotics and toxic drugs that come with breast milk 'error is required.

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