What do adults say about the book?


The book is a ship of wisdom that sails the seas of time and carries its precious cargo from generation to generation.

Francis Bacon

Look for people whose conversations are like reading a good book. Look for books that can be read by philosophers.

AH Baxmanyor

Read good books today, there will definitely be time tomorrow to read bad books.

Isaac Barrow

It is better to be alone with a book than to sit with ignorant people.

Qosimbek Zokir

If after a few years you start to like the book, it is a sign that it is a good book.

Georg Lixtenberg

Collecting books is a good thing, and reading them is useful.

Frenchesko Petrarch

A person who has not read a book is no different from a corpse.

Thomas Jefferson

Books introduce you to geniuses who died thousands of centuries ago.

Rene Descartes

Man is a book that no matter how much you read.

Hoji Baktosh Vali

The book is a legendary lamp that illuminates the most distant and dark paths of life.

Andrey Upit

Books are silent teachers.

Peter Gille

The value of a person is measured by the books he reads.

Herbert Spencer

The enemies of books are the same as human beings: fire, water, time, and everything in them.

Paul Valeri

Where books are burned, people will also be burned.

Heinrich Hayne

Books can be divided into two groups: the book of the day and the book of all days.

Jon Ruskin

My books are a huge realm for me for a lifetime.


I created books, not books.

Michel de Monten

If you don't have a smart neighbor, have a conversation with the book.

Azerbaijani folk proverb

The book is a psychiatrist.

Japanese folk proverb

The book is a beacon that illuminates the path of people.

Chinese folk proverb

Each period has its own book.

Arabic folk proverb

Be afraid of people who have read only one book in their life.

Latin folk proverb

A good book is a source of livelihood.

German folk proverb

Translator and compiler: Rahmat Bobojon

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