What causes constipation in children?


❓What causes constipation in children?

✍️ Pediatrician Farrukh Ormonov:

✂️ Improper feeding of a baby (e.g. improper breastfeeding) often causes constipation.

✂️ Suction through the nipple has a negative effect on the intestinal microflora. As a result, due to the breakdown of the microflora, nutrients in the stomach are not broken down, are not sufficiently absorbed and cause constipation.

✂️ Because the baby’s anterior abdominal muscles are not well developed, he has difficulty straining. As a result, gas naturally accumulates in the baby's intestines and makes diarrhea difficult.

✂️ This condition can also be observed in an undernourished child.

✂️ Predisposition to allergic diseases also causes this.

✂️ If a child has worms, his stomach will become constipated.