How much do Airbus planes cost?


How much do Airbus planes cost?

Neither the manufacturers nor the airlines like to reveal the real price of the planes.

But according to our determination, the price of Airbus aircraft is as follows:

— A220-100 $81 million, A220-300 $91,5 million;
— A318 $77,15 million;
— A319 $92,3 million, 319 Neo $101,5 million;
— A320 Ceo $101 million, A320 neo $110,6 million;
— A321 Ceo $118,3 million, A321 Neo $129,5 million;
— A330-200 $238,5 million (light version) $241,7 million (cargo version), A330-300 $264,2 million, A330-800 Neo $259,9 million, A330-900 Neo $296,4 million,
— A350-900 $317,4 million, A350-1000 $366,5 million;
— A380 $445,6 million.

Today, there are Airbus A320 airplanes in the fleet of our national airline company "Uzbekistan Havo Yollari".

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