Do I have to be there to get social benefits?


🔴 Do I have to be registered there to receive social benefits?

⚪️ Question; When I applied to my family for social benefits, they did not accept my application stating that you are not listed here. Can my spouse write this application for me instead?

✅ Answer; Regulations on the procedure for identification of low-income families through the information system "Single Register of Social Protection" and the appointment and payment of social benefits and financial assistance to them, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 05.03.2021 No 122 Section 10 states that any able-bodied member of the Family may apply for child support. This means that your spouse can also apply easily.

❗️Dear community workers! Create authority for yourself out of nowhere and show the citizens the right way without disturbing them !!!

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