(The stage is festively decorated)
A poem is recited under the music
Peace is the greatest morning of youth
Teacher with tears in his eyes, hello!
Looking to an independent life,
Excited peer, hello!
Assalamu alaykum, munis and kind, loving river teachers with the pearl of knowledge in their hearts!
Hello, dear schoolmates and parents who have come today to share in the joy of their children, whose hearts are flying on the wings of dreams full of both joy and happiness! With your permission, we would like to solemnly invite to our circle the causes of today's celebration, that is, our graduates!
Under the sounds of music, the graduates enter.
Hello, motherland, land of dawns,
There is no end to your description.
A holy song dedicated to you,
This is the anthem of the Uzbek people!
The anthem sounds.
Word —————————————————————————- ga!
Beginners come out to the sounds of music.
1st starter:
Today is a holiday of joy, friends! Sadness fills the hearts, But the last bell rings, Observing you.
2st starter:
Oh, what a spotless voice,
This rest gives peace of mind.
I wish you all the best,
Indicates long distances!
1st starter:
In this free homeland,
A beautiful, peaceful time awaits you.
We also wish this day,
Take a brave path, towards the future!
2st starter:
Today is a wonderful day, Jamoliddin! See, neither the teachers nor the students are as always, in my opinion.
Their hearts are full of joy and excitement.
Classmates, who spent the most joyful, memorable, sweet, sometimes difficult moments of childhood together for 4-5 years, today are flying birds and ready to fly.
1st starter:
What do you say, looking into their shining eyes, we want to say that each of you will be filled with happiness and joy, the fire of your heart will never go out, the highest feelings of man will accompany you.
Nigora, what do you think our graduates are thinking about now? Let’s hear it from them themselves.
10 students (5 boys, 5 girls) enter the stage to the sound of classical music.
Student 1:
It's as if we've reached our final destination, and we're all going to get off at this station and take a detour.
Student 2:
Yes, if only the long ringing of the last bell would make us go everywhere!
Student 3:
How dear and precious this voice seems to me at this moment, which is still tearing apart the heartache of separation!
Student 4:
Remember, last night in class we were counting the miles, eagerly waiting for the bell to ring faster.
Student 5:
Today, today, the resounding sound of this bell is the end of our flawless childhood, our endless joy!
Student 6:
Oh, what an impressive sound! It makes hearts tremble and hearts tremble. Even tears fall from his eyes!
Student 7:
Oh, how this ringing bell wished good luck to the graduates!
Student 8:
How many sad but sweet feelings your classmates have!
The music goes up a bit and the kids get a little sad and calm.
Student 9:
Hey, look at that girl! He is barely carrying the flower in his hand.
Student 10:
Ehh, let's just say I've seen better, but today they're going on a much-anticipated vacation!
Student 1:
Nozimaxon! Remember you were just as small as that little girl.
Student 2:
Yes, remember we came to this school for the first time. Especially when we entered the classroom, the boys were on one side and the girls were on the other side, and we were arguing like enemies.
3rd reader:
Yes, yes I remember yesterday kecha
At this point, cheerful boys and girls enter the stage cheerfully.
-Hey guys! You clean the classroom today!
- You said it in vain! (Along with many) You clean up !!!
The song. «White poplar-blue poplar»
Student 1:
Yes, our days are so fun and carefree…
Then we all dived into class. We worked hard to get a "5"
Student 2:
By the way, do you remember what happened in 8th grade?
Student 3:
No, what are you talking about?
2 students (one girl, one boy) appear on the stage to the sound of music. The boy begins to play the music on the instrument in his hand. Student 2 (girl) is drawing. At the end, they go out holding hands…
Student 4:
Yes, I remembered! It's like love between boys and girls! Are you saying that?
Student 5:
Hey, what do you say? What kind of love? This is a combination of music school and art school !!!
Student 6:
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
Student 7:
We’ve had a lot of success together since then, right?
Student 8:
We have participated in prestigious competitions and achieved great success in every field!
Summary of achievements
Student 1:
All this is an echo of the conditions created together in our independent Motherland! So, we are also celebrating the 23rd anniversary of our country's independence with a worthy gift!
Student 2:
This is really fun !!!
After that, a comedy scene and dance of the Andijan regiment will be performed during the concert program.
Under the sounds of music, 10 students come out with symbolic objects in their hands.
Student 1:
This time with my hands on my chest,
My heartfelt applause to you.
As demanding as a father, as munis as a mother,
Life is so precious, you Masters!
Student 2:
Master, His eyes are full of kindness and His face is full of light.
Student 3:
Master, the one who laid the foundation of our life and made it strong!
5-6 bricks are taken to the stage and collected. Large pots and tree seedlings are planted.
Student 4:
The root of the Master is like a text-willed maple that we, the disciples, drink from this soil, from this soil, and embrace our disciples!
On the stage, a hunter takes out the grapes and starts with the maple branches.
Student 5:
Yes, you might think that maple does not bear fruit! The Master is the one who gathers honey from the juice of knowledge and bears fruit, even though we are not the parents of His disciples !!!
Student 6:
Teacher-knowledge fountain! Hearts enjoy his pure, pure heart.
A jug of water is brought to the stage and water is poured on the maple. The jug is placed next to it.
Student 7:
On the stage, the composition "Night" (black cloth with the moon, the reflection of the stars) rises from under the maple.
Master is the moon that illuminates our dark night! Even at night, science illuminates our path through the eyes! The star of the night is a crystal stream of her river of love!
Oh, how great, how glorious !!!
Student 8:
The composition "Day" on the stage (sun on a white cloth) rises high under the maple.
Teacher-like sun! We take light from them and light the torch of life!
We decorate the nature of our lives from its rainbow color!
Oh, such a polish, such a sacrifice !!!
Student 9:
The Master guides and directs us like a father. They nurture young souls and prepare them for high flights!
At this time, the hunters fly pigeons under the plane tree.
Student 10:
May the following lines be an expression of love and respect to all our teachers!
All students say it together
The unbreakable wing you gave us,
Science flies in the bosom of desire.
We bow to you forever,
Always dear teachers !!!
Under the sound of music, teachers are presented with flowers.
1st starter:
Today your children are embracing the sun, They are leaving a happy childhood. Wish him great endurance on this path, Stepping into an independent life !!!
2st starter:
A word of congratulations to the graduates to parents and guests!
1st starter:
Dear teachers and students! Today, our graduates traditionally hand over to their followers the symbolic "FLOWER OF SCIENCE" with the desire to continue all their good qualities, their inexhaustible love for science!
The symbolic "Flower of Science" is a composition depicting the growth of a sapling in the middle of a large book layout. It was carried by 2 graduates,
They pass to 8th grades.
2st starter:
And, finally, exciting moments. We’ll keep an eye on our graduates under the last bells!
1st starter:
Ring the bell,
Don't die, sasin!
Jarangingdan inspiration
Let's live,
Not a moment's rest,
Your proud voice!
To the future
Let's take a bold step
The alumni line up to the sound of the song “Hey, distracting bell”.
That's it


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