Why does the child sit down?!


❓Why does the child sit up?!

📖 Stuttering is caused by the contraction of the muscles of the members of the articulatory apparatus during oral speech.

There are 2 types of stuttering:
✅ Strong emotional experiences of a neurotic (logoneurosis) child, stress, depression, fear, excessive strictness, right-handedness from laziness, bilingualism in the family, imitation of a stutterer
✅ Neurotic stuttering is a result of organic damage to the brain, brain tumors, diseases of the locomotor organs, cerebral palsy in children.

☝️In elimination, the speech therapist helps to get rid of the problem with the following directions
▪️ Exercises that develop articulation, breathing, small hand muscles
▪️Logomassage (point, relaxing, refreshing massage)
▪️Putting the problematic sound into speech (imitation and mechanical method)
▪️ Didactic games that develop speech

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