With an essay plan on "Boburnoma"


The essay on "Boburnoma" is simple
1. A look at Babur's life and work.
2. About the work "Boburnoma".
3. The great scholars in the Boburnoma.
1) Zahiriddin Muhammad ibn Umarshaikh Mirza was born on February 14, 1483. A great representative of Uzbek classical literature, a great poet, historian, geographer, statesman, talented commander, founder of the Baburi dynasty, Temurid prince.
Babur's father, Umarshaikh Mirzo, was the governor of the Fergana region, and his mother, Kutlug Nigorkhanim, was the daughter of Yunus Khan, the khan of Mongolia and the governor of Tashkent. Bobur's mother was an educated and intelligent woman who actively assisted Bobur in governing the country and accompanied him on his military campaigns. Umarshaikh Mirzo lived in the arch of the capital Andijan. The governor spent the summer on the banks of the Syrdarya, in Aksi, and the rest of the year in Andijan. Bobur's youth was spent in Andijan. Like all Timurid princes, Babur studied military education, jurisprudence, Arabic and Persian under the tutelage of great educators and scholars, read many historical and literary works, and became interested in science and poetry. Because of his bravery and courage, he was nicknamed "Bobur" or "Lion" from a young age.
2) "Boburnoma" - a work of literary and historical significance. It contains information about the experiences of many people of their time in different situations, many mountains, rivers, forests and deserts of Asia, climate, population, social, economic and political situation.
Boburnoma is a beautiful example of Uzbek prose. Prior to that, in the introduction to Yusuf Khas Hajib's Qutadgu Bilig, Rabguzi's works contained examples of prose. Alisher Navoi took him to the top. However, "Boburnoma" appeared in this regard as a unique discovery of Uzbek prose.
The play tells the story of Babur's life. These events cover Andijan, Samarkand, Khojand, from Herat to Kabul and Agra. In other words, almost 50 years of events from Central Asia to India have found a true expression and value in it.
The description of the events in the Boburnoma is clear, concise and concise, impressive, and most importantly, relevant to the realities of life. In the narrative, the author pays special attention to the description of nature, the description of certain places, and the descriptions of individuals
  3) In "Boburnoma" a worthy place is given to the people of literature and art, as well as to the people of knowledge. It contains interesting stories about Abdurahman Jami, Sheikh Suhaili, Hussein Ali Tufayli, Sayfi Bukhari, Mir Hussein Muammai, Mullo Muhammad Badakhshi, Yusuf Badii, Ahi, Muhammad Salih, Hilali, Ahli, Alisher Navoi, Binoi and other masters of words.
Speaking about Ya`qub, Hasan said: It's better not to recite than to recite a poem. ”
Sultan Ali Mashhadi is one of the secretaries, Kamoliddin Behzod and Shah Muzaffar are the artists, Kul Muhammad Udi, Sheikh Noyi, Shohquli Gijjaki and others are the masters of music.

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