Richard Wagner


Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner is a great German composer who lived and worked in the 19th century. He was not only a great composer, but also a poet and dramatist who wrote the text of his own operas. Wagner, along with Berlioz, is considered one of the great conductors of his time, one of the founders of the new art of conducting. He left the name "opera reformer" in the history of opera art, like the composer Gluck.

Vanger created a tetralogy for the first time in his work. The composer wrote four operas of the same theme called "Ring of the Nibelung" for 25 years. The operas "Gold of the Rhine", "Valkyrie", "Siegfried", "Death of the Gods" are part of this tetralogy.

In addition to the tetralogy, Wagner created the wonderful operas "Tanghäuser", "Lohengrin", "Tristan and Isolde". They were created on the basis of folk legends, in which there is a story of love that ends in tragedy.

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