Development of an event dedicated to the May 9 Day of Remembrance and Appreciation


May 9 event script
Subject; "Memory is forever - memory is forever"
1st starter: Bow your head and say thank you.
                       For the chaman who caressed you like a flower
                      If you have walked in the heavens, return to the earth.
                       Tell my friend what we did for the Motherland.
2st starter: In these streams, the water hits your face,
                       Once you look at the footprint,
                       Ask yourself this question,
                       Tell my friend what we did for the Motherland.
1st starter: Assalamu alaykum dear teachers who give us access to the sources of knowledge.
2st starter: Assalamu alaykum, the river of love, warm-hearted, tireless and respected colleagues.
1st starter: Hello dear veterans who are the main guests of our evening.
2st starter: It is a great pleasure to meet you on this wonderful day, a gift from God. Welcome to our literary and artistic evening "Memory is sacred".
1st starter: Memory is a sacred feeling that encourages self-awareness to always remember the past, through which a person decides for himself the good qualities.
2st starter: All sacred concepts are alive with memory. Memory is not just about forgetting the past, it is also about imagining the present correctly.
1st starter: Memory teaches a person to look to the future with an open eye.
2st starter: Respect is to bless our home and to honor our rich elders, who wish us a white blessing for our good deeds.
1st starter: In accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, May 9 commemorates the memory of our ancestors who sacrificed their lives for the freedom and independence of the Motherland. and the day of aging is widely celebrated.
2st starter: People's Poet of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov says this in honor of teachers.
They said to the poet, you are a happy person
         Your people are honorable, everyone knows.
         The poet replied, "I have a wish,
         I wish they called me a teacher.
1st starter: Congratulations to the rector of our institute, Associate Professor Fakhriddin Rozikov Rasulovich.
2st starter: Domlo's good wishes accompany you, and we wish you success in your work.
1st starter: Human memory is precious. Our people have long remembered and valued the generations that have passed. Memory is a great value that embodies the history of a nation, its values, culture and spirituality, in a word.
2st starter: Memory is a sacred feeling that urges us to always remember the past in our self-awareness. Man understands more deeply who he is through memory and a sense of dignity.
1st starter: We observe a moment of silence in honor of the memory of the veterans who fought for our peaceful and happy life and the independence of our country and sacrificed their lives in this way.
         Let my friend be silent for a moment,
         The rights of the victims of our happiness,
         Let's memorize the names one by one,
         The right of those who passed as my people, my country.
Beginners 1-2: Let my friend be silent for a moment.
1st starter:
2st starter: We give the floor to our veterans of the Great Patriotic War.
1st starter: My country, you have unfulfilled dreams,
                       You have epics that make the stones cry.
                       It hurts to think of your past, my dear.
                       You have sons who are martyrs full of breasts.
2st starter: A heartfelt thought of spring holidays,
                       At sunset, twilight evenings,
                       Akmal Ikram, who went unnoticed,
                       You have fields like Fayzullo.
1st starter:
 Etiquette course students
 Poems by students of language and literature course
 Mahmud Taipov's poem
         Those who actually made the homeland,
         Those who sacrificed their lives for freedom,
         Tongues cut, eyes pierced,
         They spoke to each other with their tongues.
         Those who actually made the homeland,
                   They also say that the beast is not good,
                   They also say that the crow is not good,
A tall maple tree on the nation's chest,
                   It sprouts like a spring in every heart.
Those who actually made the homeland,
         Praise is not an ointment, know the victims,
         There is rest in the verse for the souls of the martyrs.
         Your hands are a big hungry glue for prayer,
Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing
Those who actually made the homeland,
         Those who sacrificed their lives for freedom,
1st starter: Dance by Hamidova Oybibi, Etiquette course seeker.
2st starter: June 41 this morning
                      He was sleeping at night, in every part of the country.
                      Then the Nazis attacked suddenly,
                      Fire and bombs rained down on the country from the sky and the ground.
1st starter: Then our army stood up immediately
                       He quickly went to the west, saying that he was going forward for the homeland.
1st starter: In those terrible and painful years, the war started by the Nazis was showing its effects both at the front and behind.
2st starter: The war did not bypass any house. Someone's beloved spouse, someone's sister, someone's father, brother died.
1st starter:
2st starter: Together we will watch a scene prepared by the listeners of the etiquette course.
1st starter: We will listen to a song by Salomov Murtazo, a student of the mathematics course. Poem "Armon" by Muhammad Yusuf.
Dance. ___________________________________
2st starter: On this day, we once again remember the past and bow before the memory of our ancestors who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the purity of our sky, the peace of our people.
 1st starter: Will years do us a favor
                        Is there a job?
                       Everything that can be restored only,
                       That memory that will never be restored.
2st starter: Therefore, our literary and artistic evening on the theme "Man is great in this great country, memory is sacred" came to an end. Thank you for your attention.
The song. "It's not easy to forget you"
1st starter: May the memory and the sense of dignity never depart from any of us, may it always resonate in our hearts.

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