Text of congratulations on the birthday (to the father)


Dear father, dear to us! Happy Birthday to you! We congratulate you on your birthday and wish you all the best in the world! You are the mountain on which we rely and the pillar of our lives! We wish you good health, luck, happiness and a happy life! May all your days be good, may the joy of victory be with you, may the net of our home always be yours! Happy Holidays!

Dear dad! We congratulate you on your birthday and wish you good health, eternal life and success in all your endeavors! Let the smile never leave your lips! May your strong and loving hands, who raised us, never hurt us! May your pure heart never suffer. May your eyes always shine with joy! Happy Birthday!

Our dear, cherished and kind father to us! We sincerely congratulate you on your birthday and wish you the warmth of the sun, the healing and fluffy flow of endless prosperity.
We sincerely wish you happiness in life! Dear father! We cherish and cherish you like the apple of an eye! Good luck and stay healthy! Happy Holidays!

Dear father! We congratulate you on your birthday on behalf of all your children! We wish you to solve everything in our family wisely, wisely, to reach the peak of great success in all your noble endeavors and to rejoice! May all your loved ones be fortunate enough to win your kindness and love! Happy birthday once again!

Dear father! Congratulations on your birthday! May each day be filled only with feelings of joy! May the bird of luck never fall off your shoulders in all your endeavors! May you have good health, a prosperous life and the happiness of all your loved ones! Happy Holidays!

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    1. Hello, I would like to congratulate you on the morning of June 30. I would like to congratulate Muardova Saidakhon, an employee of the electronic reading room of the Information Resource Center at Namangan State University, from Namangan, on her birthday.

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