Sports health guarantee.

Sports health guarantee. We are wise children, We are clever children. We are healthy children, we educate the body. We stand in a line, We walk slowly in front, We run slowly, We train our body. As if raising our hands, as if lowering them slowly, saying one, two, three, four, doing the exercises. If you train your body, you will be healthy, if you know, a healthy mind in a healthy body, you will be wise […]

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national tv program today

National TV Programs Today

Milliy TV WEDNESDAY 06:00 TV channel anthem 06:05 Motivation 06:05 Music 06:25 "Melody" clip Tomato wise HOMELAND 06:30 "Shirchoy" program 09:00 Turkish series "Kosem" episode 38 10:00 Feature film ( Foreign) Forest Pirate 12:05 "HOP-SHOP" 12:10 Feature film (Indian) Loyal Woman 15:25 "HOP-SHOP" 15:30 Music 15:55 "Melody" clip WATER 16:00 "From the language of a child » program 16:10 "You are so great" program 16:40

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MY-5 TV Programs / My Country Program Weekly

MY-5 TV Programs / My Country Program today

MY-5 TV Programs / Meny Yurtim program today MY URTIM TV CHANNEL MY-5 WEDNESDAY 05:30 Music 06:00 "Central Studio" program 06:30 "Amon-Amon" program 08:30 Telenovela: "Destiny strikes" 09:30 Turkish TV series: "Heart Wound" 10:30 "Our Own Talk" show 11:00 Telenovela: "Life goes on..." 12:00 Hudud program 12:15 Telenovela: "They call it life" 13:20 Music // " Chef book" 13:40

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Great TV shows today

Weekly Zor tv programs ZOR TV PROGRAMS WEDNESDAY 05:20 Telenovela: "Lesson" (repeat) 06:15 Comedy concert! 06:40 "Good morning" 09:00 Turkish series: "Hukm" 09:55 "Bu Kun" news 10:15 Uzbek movie: 12:00 "Complete meals" 13:00 "Boriga baraka" (repeat) 15 :10 "Bu kun" news 15:25 Musical break 16:00 "Dovuchchalar" 16:30 National series: "Iskanja" 17:30 "Online 360" 18:40 "Bu kun"

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Favorite TV shows today

WEEKLY Favorite tv programs today SEVIMLITV WEDNESDAY 05:00 National Serial 05:40 National Serial 06:40 Favorite Day 08:00 Fates 09:00 Time 09:20 Movie 12:00 Time 12:15 Indian Cinema 15:00 Time 15:10 Turkish series 16:00 Cartoon 16:15 National series 17:00 Olov pazanda 18:00 National series 19:00 National series 20:00 New life 21:00 Time 21:20 Fates 22:20 Movie

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What are banknotes made of?

What are banknotes made of? 🔎 Traditionally, paper made from cotton is used to produce money around the world. Sometimes linen or other fibers are added to cotton to improve the strength and durability of the money. Nowadays, due to the use of plastic in the production of banknotes, their durability is significantly improved. What is the durability of banknotes? ➡️ Banknotes, non-dirty, heat, moisture and

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Exercises for the treatment of neck osteochondrosis

Exercises for the treatment of neck osteochondrosis ✅ Standing, lean your forehead against the wall and press your head against the wall without moving for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the same exercise with the back of your head, right and left ✅ Lie on the floor on your stomach, stretch your arms along the body and palms facing up. Look forward with your head. Keep your body relaxed and slowly turn your head to the right and your ear

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