At what time does "zubchatyy remen" break?


At what time does "zubchatyy remen" break?

This part is a very important element that ensures the synchronous operation of the "camshaft" and "crankshaft" of the car engine. Its interruption causes the car engine to shut down. Because the "distribution shaft" that controls the opening and closing of the air and exhaust gas valves does not rotate, and due to this, no mixture enters the combustion chamber. In addition, the belt controls the movement of the antifreeze pump and the oil pumps. The effect of a broken belt on some engines may be different. In relatively old cars, non-interference engines were used, and such engines work for a short time due to inertia, even if the engine breaks, because the valves of such engines are in direct contact with the cylinder piston. does not We'll look into that yet.

Now let's talk about the reasons why the rement is interrupted.
- Expired i.e. old belt has already lost its properties and becomes hard by losing its elasticity, which in turn causes it to crack under severe stresses.
— Oil causes degradation of the rubber used in the belt due to various impurities in extreme hot or cold conditions.
— Factory-installed belts can fail after 100.000 km or more. His life in turn depends on the character of driving. But belts installed by other craftsmen will have less mileage than factory-installed belts.


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