Goodbye my first teacher event scenario


The event will be held on the stage of the school. It will be attended by 4th grade students, their teacher and presenters.
The school stage is decorated with various balloons and beautiful flowers in a special festive way.
Two herald children appear on the stage to the sound of trumpets.
Herald 1:People, people
Almonds grown in the garden.
Don't say I haven't heard,
Those who heard, don't smile.
Herald 2:Today will be the graduation party of the 4th grade students of our school.
Herald 1:Everyone is invited to the prom.
Herald 2:People hurry to the prom.
Two presenters enter the stage.
1st starter:Hello, dear teachers, dear students!
Nargiza:Hello, loving parents, beloved grandparents!
Dilshod:Today, 4th graders finished their primary education. Today is a big holiday for them, a big celebration.
Nargiza:With your permission, let us now invite the boys and girls who are the cause of our celebration to our circle.
Dilshod:Sons and daughters of an independent country,
Red face, sweet words,
A sane thirst for knowledge,
Smiling eyes.
Nargiza:You are the flower of our time,
Your rare, happy nightingale words,
Without the bright moon or the sun,
Young and old will applaud you.
Mehrinoz:Do you remember the day we first came to school, comrade?
Shahrinoz:If not, we were very small at that time.
- Yes, it's been 4 years since they said hash-pash. Today we are graduates of primary education.
Shahrinoz:- There have never been times like ours,
Independence has given us opportunities for science.
Dear people who honor spirituality and enlightenment,
Welcome, dear teachers and guests!
An alien enters the scene and
- I'm Jupiter! I'm Jupiter! Can you hear me? The ship's power system has failed. I have to land on another unfamiliar planet. (Two people get off the ship. They look around.)
Guest 1:What kind of planet is this? What miracle spells?
What is the name? Who lives in it?
Reader:The name of this planet is paradise.
Our country Uzbekistan is indescribable.
Our country- Independent Uzbekistan.
Our province- Bukhara.
Our district- Romitan.
Our school - School number 1.
Symbols of our country – stamp, flag, anthem.
Our wish - peace, prosperity.
Rizq is our fast - bread.
Our national wealth - cotton, wheat, rice.
We want learning science and manners.
Our goal- Being a perfect person and serving the country.
Guest 2: Well done, well done! Be healthy
Your people are happy, the country is prosperous.
Reader:Welcome friends to our planet
Be a guest in our Uzbek land
Guest 1: What joy, what a celebration
The eyes are laughing, the song is ringing
Reader:There are many holidays and weddings in our country
There are many good intentions, dreams, and thoughts
Every bit is as precious as gold
Welcome to our graduation party.
Guest 2:What a great prom night
This joy is enough for us
We sincerely share your joy,
You deserve hospitality.
Dilshad:- What do you mean by children's homeland?
(Students answer one after the other).
Daniel:This country is my birthplace.
Mahira:This country is a land that you and we are proud of.
Marjona:This country is my holy cradle.
Charming:This country is my threshold and door.
Feruza:Motherland is what my mother used to say every night.
Otabek:Motherland is my father's prayer.
Mirzahid:Homeland is everyone's,
It is the land of birth.
Umbilical cord blood spilled,
It is a holy land.
The word motherland is sacred,
The homeland itself is sacred.
To serve the country,
Debt is obligatory for us.
All:Be devoted to you, my soul,
Uzbekistan, my homeland.
Behzad:I know that my mother is a warm motherland.
I know the love of my father, the warmth of your homeland
The cradle that I cherish in my bosom is my Motherland
The threshold of this country, the cradle, is the Motherland for me
Khurshid:The first school that the world introduced to me is Vatan
Always together - my partner - my neighborhood - my homeland
I won't go to heaven, my village is very old
Uzbekistan-Motherland is a mine of sweet blessings
Bonus:In the sacred flower soil of this land
The footsteps of the saints have touched.
Great deeds of great grandfathers
The tariff went from the Maghreb to the East.
Marjona:In seventy-two veins in my body
Mom Tomaris has a spirited blood
Nadira, Uvaisi, Zebunison
Their spirits are always helpful to us.
Subject: A guide written by my grandfather Ibn Sina
He calls everyone to goodness
Everyone who loves the country
My grandfather's spirits always use
Free:He gave independence, freedom and liberty to his people
He loved the children of the country as his own
The great Turan was always burning with love
He learned to be a patriot from our President
  A boy carrying a flag:Daniyor: My people are the intention of the dream
It brings joy to the heart.
Our flag is over the world,
He will bring chaos to the country.
A child carrying a stamp: Nemat: Greatness in our brand,
You know that it is reflected.
Humo bird leads,
Know your goal.
(Shokh music plays, Boys and girls dance).
Shakhboz: School is a place of salvation,
 It is always sacred to us.
On the way to knowledge,
Dear hug, familiar path.
Otabek:Every day from early in the morning,
Step by step.
We ride that way,
Friends, let's rejoice together.
Subject: Alphabet and arithmetic are behind,
All that's left, all I remember.
Numbers are familiar, letters are familiar,
Can read and write.
Captain:We say goodbye to you today,
This is a happy holiday for us.
There is only a little confusion in the heart,
You don't teach anymore, you are the teacher.
Ziyadullah:There is a world of love in the heart.
Kind like my mother.
He laughed caressingly
It brought joy to the heart
Hamma: I bow to you my master.
Shahrizada: Correct writing, reading
How to behave
He taught literacy and science
Showed the bright way.
All:I bow to you my master.
(The song "Dear teachers" will be performed).
Rushana:Hello teacher, hello teacher,
Congratulations on your holiday,
Science is the way forward,
You showed us, we will never forget.
Aren't you, since I was young,
To my hand holding the alphabet.
You do not caress my head,
To my heart that brought endless joy.
From the bottom of my heart to you today,
I congratulate you with love.
All my life I will be faithful,
I serve my country.
Dilshod:The place of our teachers below is incomparable in helping us learn to read, write, and calculate with perfect manners.
(Students recite poems out of respect for their teachers)
Feruza: To our first teacher
For the first time, he slowly sat down on the desk
 Holding a pencil in my little hands.
The heart that introduced me to the world,
I will not forget a person like you
Ulugbek:My mother tongue, my excellent language,
We appreciate it
Grandfather's reading lesson
We remember your legacy
Mirza:To the head of the scientific department
You put most of the work on us
You used to say that the fourths are ep.
You can trust us until nine,
Wishing you a lifetime, Master, up to a thousand years.
Shokhrukh:To the educator of our group
We kept asking questions,
What is right, what is fair?
decency in our hearts,
You shine like the sun.
O kind, dear teacher,
Obeisance to you, glory to you.
Prince: To our music teacher
To enjoy the magic of music,
You taught me how to perform correctly
We bow before you today
A light that shines on hearts, dear teacher.
Mahira :Singing in music
We welcome the hearts
An example in mathematics
We advance our minds
Nargiza:To our Russian language teacher
You taught the language of relatives,
I am very literate.
We will not forget your efforts,
Our linguist teacher, teacher.
- Uchitel- What a beautiful word
Zvonkom dlya nego nachinaetsya god
S toboyu on v put otpravlyaetsya snova
I k znaniyam vernoy dorogoi vedet
Ruqiya:To our teacher who taught us about nature
Thank you, dear teacher
You made nature fall in love
 You loved him.
We understand the mysteries of the universe,
Mountains, hills and river banks
Akmal:We are in nature class
We go on a trip
Pick flowers and leaves
We collect herbariums.
Marjona:  Drawing and work to our teacher
Sun, sky, earth, soil,
You are the one who introduced the colors.
Errors in drawing,
You taught without any pain
Daniel: If we play sports
Our body is trained
Our thoughts and minds
It is clearer.
Charming:Spiritual lessons
We will listen to your lessons
All: We don't know how to get bored in our teacher's class
Muhammad:To the director of our school
Your love is a lively river
Your heart is an infinite world
Your words are precious
A thousand thanks to you, bow
A dear person is a teacher
Dilshod:We always bow to these teachers with our hands on our chests (students bow).
Ramadan : You are a coach for a person,
For every science and tradition.
For us without a leader
The heart is a river, teachers.
Permission:Our flight to the sky,
Our famous voice.
Heavens because of you,
Dil Gulistan, teachers
Jahangir:Who knows the secret of 45 minutes,
Your hair is gray and wrinkled
Children's emotions
Wise teachers of my homeland.
Akbar:Classes are full
It floats in the sea of ​​knowledge
Flowers form from his words,
Wise teachers of my homeland.
Zarina:There are many joys, there is no number of them,
The love you give is priceless
There is no sacrifice of a lim like you,
Wise teachers of my homeland.
The song "My teachers, come to me" will be played. Bouquets will be presented to the teachers.
Hamma:-We are the garden created by our teacher,
We are the support and mountain of the homeland.
The role of our parents in our development is incomparable.
Otabek:Even a great person like Hazrat Navoi
The great respect for our mothers was sung as follows:
It is under the feet of mothers,
Ravzai Jannatu Jinan Garden
If you want to see the Ravza garden,
Be the mother's feet.
Local:Do you know who created the homeland, guys?
You know who rocked the world, guys?
Who gave us white milk?
Who gave the sweet tongue?
A thorn in our path
Who picked up the lashes?
He did not sleep at night,
My lamp is my mother.
Heaven, what do I need?
My Mecca is Medina.
(The song "Be safe, dear mothers" is performed, flowers are held for mothers)
 Ghafur:Just yesterday, we were full
We had no knowledge of science
We didn't even know how to hold a pencil
We were more playful, we were more cheerful
Zarina:Learn all the letters you taught me
Do not stop writing accounts
We listened carefully to your lesson
Don't get bored in your class
Minister:Today we are getting older
We do everything independently
We know what is good and what is bad
When we grow up, we will be knowledgeable and intelligent
Shokhrukh: Teacher, we have made fun of you
 Sometimes he was late for class and did not enter
Some days he did not come to class
At that time, you have enough pain in your heart.
Marjona:Just like our mother patted our heads
You have forgiven us for our mistakes
He is really weak and powerful
You are moved by our hearts.
Mirzahid: In the white strands in your hair,
You can see the traces of our fun
To the wrinkles on your face
Your hard work shows
Free:Even if we move to a higher class, it is a teacher
We study well and keep our manners
There is even an example in others
We always appreciate your trust
All:We will remember every tip you give
We always bow down to you!
Guest:How knowledgeable you are, how happy you are
Ambitious, proud, single-minded
How much you love Motherland
You will give him your soul and body
How many dedicated teachers you have,
May you all be respected teachers.
Guest 2:From your love for the country
Our respect has risen from your magic
Our ship has also moved. Stay well, dear ones
Time to say goodbye Good read guys
Glory to the Motherland.
Reader: We Uzbeks are hospitable. Please visit again. Say hello to Jupiter. Always be healthy.
1st presenter: Dear teachers, dear guests, our graduation party has come to an end.
Leader 2: Once again, deep thanks to our teachers who gave us knowledge
We express our gratitude. Dear teachers, always be in the honor of the country.
Leader 1: May our country be prosperous, our people happy, and our sky clear!
Leader 2: May our mother Uzbekistan flourish and live. Goodbye, stay healthy!

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