Happy birthday mom lions


Dear mother, congratulations on your birthday!
I wish you a prosperous daily life, endless happy time, good health and female beauty. I wish you the most pleasant and pleasant moments, good news and prosperity. I love you and wish you infinite happiness!
    Happy birthday my dear mother
My dear, sincere, most beautiful, caring, unlike others and unmatched by anyone, my dearest and most beloved mother! I cannot express in words my love and gratitude to you. May all misfortunes pass away, and may your good deeds be returned a hundredfold! Be happy, darling!
Mother, congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
First of all, I want to thank you so much for raising me. Thank you for everything you have done for my upbringing, sometimes you forget yourself. I wish you good health, a brighter smile and love, Happy Birthday, dear mother, the best in the world.
                  Mom, my dear, congratulations on your birthday!
I sincerely wish you happiness, peace, love, contentment, prosperity, hope, wonderful events and good health! You are my most beautiful and most beautiful mother in the world! I love you very much!
My dear and beloved mother, congratulations on your birthday!
I thank you for everything: for love and nurture, for the warmth you gave me, for life on earth. On this bright holiday, I wish you good health, happiness, respect and love, and best wishes. May your positivity and optimism never leave you and there is always reason to rejoice.
                            Happy birthday my dear mother!
You are the closest and dearest person to me! I wish you, first of all, health, so that nothing bothers you and you can not do what you want, secondly, calmness and patience - because I know how hard it is with me, and thirdly, happiness and prosperity for the one you love. people will only see a calm smile on your face!
                         birthday greetings to my mother lion
Sometimes I miss the words
Don’t think I don’t respect you
I don't appreciate all your work,
I never feel anything.
For all the words I didn’t say
I apologize to you now!
You know, I love you so much.
My mother. Happy birthday, mom.
May it bring you joy every day.
I wish you health, happiness and love.
May the angels protect you
On the road in front of you
                       happy birthday mom lion
My mother, dear and kind,
The only one, dear to my heart,
Let it not be a secret to anyone -
You are the best mother in the world!
Thank you for your sleepless nights
We love and appreciate you so much!
We wish you a magical birthday
Fun, luck, love and luck.
Be the most beautiful, happy and kind
Of course, we help and support in everything.
Good health, prosperity and happiness,
Always rely on our participation.
And remember, mother, and believe it in the world
Your favorite kids will love you!
                       I say Happy Birthday!
Disturbed on a quiet night,
Being among the latest.
Knowing my words in a bouquet,
I say Happy Birthday!
I'm very happy,
I rejoice in your joy.
Although I can't catch the flowers,
I say Happy Birthday!
I told this lion to break my love,
I named every verse for you.
Congratulations to you dear sister,
I say Happy Birthday!
I still wish you a lot,
May your happiness blossom as if it were spring.
Not to mention a speck of dust,
I say Happy Birthday!
This is probably not a great gift for you,
Maybe it’s not even a gift at all.
I know you're happy anyway,
I say Happy Birthday!

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