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 Scenary  of  the “ABC  party”
Good-morning dear teachers, schoolmates. Welcome to our “ABC party”. We are glad to meet you in this hall.  We hope you will enjoy watching our party. The pupils of the 5-th forms have learnt the alphabet in English and they prepare their shows. They learned by heart poems, songs, dances, scenes of tales. Now they display their shows. Please, listen them.
1-There are 26 letters in English. 20 consonants  and 6 vowels. Here you are, you may watch and listen poems and “ABC” song  about  English alphabet.
“ABC” song
WXY and Z
Now you know your ABC.
Next time want you sing with me.
2-The next song is phonetic song. It is about English alphabet too. Here you are, you may watch and listen.
Phonetic song.
A is for apple a a apple
B is for ball b b ball
C is for cat c c cat
D is for dog d d dog…
3-Thank you. Now, the pupils say poems about our land and different other poems in English. Here you are, you may listen…
4- The next part making up dialogue. In this part the pupils talk in English.
I- Greeting
1:- Good-morning
2:- Good-morning. What is your name?
1:- My name is__________. What is your name?
2:- My name is__________. How are you?
1:- I’m great thank you. How are you?
2:-I’m OK. Thanks. How old are you?
1:- I’m eleven. How old are you?
2:- I’m twelve. Where do you live?
1:- I live in Margilan. And you?
2:- I live in Margilan too I’m glad to meet you
1:- I’m glad to meet you too.
II-At the yard
1:- Hello. How are you?
2:- Hi. Fine thanks.
1:- What are you doing?
2:- I am drawing spring.
1:-Do you like spring?
2:- Yes, I like spring. What season do you like?
1:- I like summer.
III-At home
1:- Hello my sister.
2:- Hello brother
1:- What do you do?
2:- I do my homework.
1:- Oh, well. Have you got an English book?
2:- Yes, I have. It’s in my schoolbag.
1:- Can you give your English book.
2:- Yes, I can. Here you are.
1:- Thank you.
IV- At the book-shop
1:- Good-morning
2:- Good-morning. Thank you.
1:- Have you got an English dictionary?
2:- No, sorry. I have got a picture dictionary.
1:- Have you got an English grammar?
2:- Yes, I have. Here you are.
1:- Thank you.
5- Thank you to pupils and your attention. Next part the song “Twinkle” by pupils. Here you are, you may listen.
Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are?
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky.
When the blazing sun is gone?
When the nosing shines upon?
Then you show your little light
Twinkle, twinkle all the night.
6-Thank you for your attention, and in this part the pupils show a pupils of other countries. For example England, the USA, Australia, Canada and India. Here you are, you may watch.
1-Pupil of Uzbekistan: Hello my friend.  My name is Husnida. Welcome to our country. Our country’s name is Uzbekistan. We like learning English very much. These are my friends…
2-Pupil of England: Hello my dear friends. My name is Jack. I’m from England. I’m glad to meet you.
3-Pupil of the USA: Hello my dear friends. How are you? My name is Lucy. I’m from the USA. I’m glad to meet you too.
4-Pupil of Australia: Hello my dear. I think you are well.  My name is Jenny. I’m from Australia. I’m glad to see you.
5-Pupil of India: Hello my friends. My name is Ali. I’m from India. I’m very happy, because  I have many friends in Uzbekistan.
6-Pupil of Canada: Hello my friends. Do you like speaking in English?  I’m also like. My name is Ann. I’m from Canada. I’m very glad because you are my friends.
In this part, we show you a fairy-tale. A fairy-tale’s name is “Crane and Fox”. Here you are, you may watch.
Narrator (nə’reitə): One day Fox invited to eating his friend Crane.
Fox: Good-morning, my dear friend.
Crane: Good-morning, Foxy.
Fox: How are you?
Crane: I’m fine thank you.
Fox: Come and have dinner with me.
Crane: OK. Thank you .
Narrator (nə’reitə): Crane tries to eat Fix’s meal but she can’t eat.
Fox: Help yourself, dear.The porridge is very good. Oh what a nice meal.
Narrator (nə’reitə):Fox eats the meal himself. Then Crane will invite Fox to her home for supper.
 Crane: Good-bye my dear. You will come to my house and have supper with me.
Fox: Well, I will come.
Narrator (nə’reitə): Fox comes to Crane’s home and knock the door.
Crane: Welcome, Sit down. Help yourself. This is a frog soup.
Fox: I howover can’t eat the soup my dear. Have you any meal?
Crane: No, I cooked only frog soup.
Narrator (nə’reitə):Fox shies for his fault and farwell.
Fox: Good-bye, I’m sorry.
We think that you get enjoy watching our party. Thank you for your attention. So long.
Participants:    Pupils of 5 “B”-class
Teacher:          Sojidaxon Qosimova

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