My favorite poet (Muhammad Yusuf)


My favorite poet (Muhammad Yusuf)

1. My favorite poet is Muhammad Yusuf
2. The life of Muhammad Yusuf
3. Poems of the poet

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Muhammad Yusuf, the poet I love, is not only my favorite, but also the favorite of many other people. Muhammad Yusuf is the main and most loved and memorized poem in Uzbekistan today. He is also a very famous poet in other countries. That is why we love and respect Muhammad Yusuf very much.

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Muhammad Yusuf, the beloved son of the Uzbek people, was born on April 1954, 26 in the village of Qovunchi, Marhamat district, Andijan region. After graduating from high school in 1971, he studied at the Republican Institute of Russian Language and Literature. His creative career began in 1980. Muhammad Yusuf worked in various publishing houses and editorial offices, in various positions. From 1997 to the last days of his life, he served as Deputy Chairman of the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan for Youth Affairs. Muhammad Yusuf died on August 2001, 1 at the age of 47.

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First of all, Muhammad Yusuf became famous for his poems and songs, which expressed the people's grief and described the love of the country in unique verses. He won the love of the people. "I have a word for the nightingale" More than a dozen collections of poems, such as "Ulugimsan, Vatanim" became a golden heritage of our literature. The poet was awarded many other orders.

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