Scenario of the event dedicated to the birth of Muhammad Yusuf


Scenario of the event dedicated to the birth of Muhammad Yusuf in the field of literature

Muhammad Yusuf is a famous poet. Event scenario

At the end of the song "Andijan is crying hard" 2 presenters will appear.

1st starter:

Poets are called prophets,

That is why they love poets.

Poets who fall in love,

The tulips are weeping in the hills these days.

2st starter:

Could the prophecies have been false,

If he lied, he wouldn't laugh.

Wouldn't the heart of the black earth be filled without you,

The flowers are crying blood in my heart these days.

1st starter:

Talpingani did not turn blue, my heart,

Wearing blue is the blue of my heart.

Kiyay desa blue kammidi my heart,

Butterflies cry chorus in my palm these days.

2st starter:

I don't sing love anymore,

I don't even think about love when I sing.

Remembering Muhammad at all times,

The male deer is crying humorously these days.

1st starter:

Assalamu alaykum dear teachers, dear students. Dear friends, welcome to our evening dedicated to the bright life and work of Muhammad Yusuf, entitled "Muhammad Yusuf - a revered poet."

2st starter:

Premature death sparkled in the blossoms of our literature, snatched a blossoming flower, and left.

1st starter:

Muhammad Yusuf was the youngest people's poet, known in a short time as the "People's Poet of Uzbekistan".

2st starter:

His poems in folk melodies have become a real spiritual property of the Uzbek people.

1st starter:

If Muhammad Yusuf summarized his poems and summarized them under one name, it could be called "Qasida to the Uzbek people." Because behind every line of the poem, the Uzbek, his pain, joy, anxiety, love, dreams and hopes, let alone his whole life, are embodied.

1st starter:

A heartbreaking message that shakes hearts

The poet made the people eager and disappointed

That's why the trip got so fast

Where have you gone, Muhammad Yusuf.

1st starter:

Looking around impatiently, impatiently,

His command is known in his heart.

Heavenly heart for us,

Where have you gone, Muhammad Yusuf.

Poems dedicated to Muhammad Yusuf

Muhammad Yusuf's "Poem of Apology".

We fell in love with spring, sorry autumn,

Sorry about the girl left in the closet,

Whatever happens to us has passed, we have sin,

My unborn songs are sorry for you.

It is true that my heart aches,

It is true that I bowed my head at the beginning of the speech.

Sometimes my life-keeper is true,

My unborn songs are sorry for you.

Don't miss the whey.

If you bathe in the river of tears,

Would I be famous too, if you were born,

My unborn songs are sorry for you.

Below the mint without the bottom of my heart,

Sometimes I think - just extend my hand!

I don't want to die without seeing your face.

My unborn songs are sorry for you.


The song.

1st starter:

The poet was extremely proud to be a child of Uzbekistan. He was a truly selfless child of the nation. He kindly and sincerely said, "Muhammad Yusufman is from Uzbekistan," and was proud of his Uzbekness, and encouraged others to do the same.

2st starter:

The fate of such great people as Mirzo Ulugbek, Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, Amir Temur, Alisher Navoi, who became the dream of our dear homeland and people, is not a poem, but a sorrow.

1st starter:

The troubled souls of those who were martyred in the desire to see the people free torment the poet. Probably for this reason, he wrote with the aim of rejoicing in the disgusting scenes of the period of repression and the spirit of our patriotic enlightened ancestors, who were untimely mourners.

2st starter:

The famous Uzbek poet Muhammad Yusuf wrote hymns dedicated to many representatives of modern literature. They speak their language and express their dreams.


1st starter:

A lion passed Uzbek,

The Uzbeks have reached the sky.

Cry of the sun, heaven, mourn,

Muhammadi is gone.

2st starter:

He went high, he went to glory,

He went to the porch of Paradise.

To carry the Turkish burden,

He went to Yassavi.

The stage is full of historical figures.

The image of Amir Temur

Where were you that day, my child?

I can't hear you.

What did you find that moved me?

Answer the question of my compatriots.

If I were alive, my weapon would not rest,

What do you want from a dead soul, my dear.

Where is my hand, my head?

Give my children the answer to my question.

What a sight, my lord,

There is no refuge underground from the evil yacht.

Mirza Babur, where is Mironshah,

My compatriots, answer my question.

The world says I found it, the world cried,

I slept on a horse for a hand,

I can't fit in my own grave anymore,

Give my children the answer to my question.

What can i do

I am a helpless slave,

I choose a soul with spirits.

I apologize every day in Samarkand,

Answer the question of my great generation.


              Mirzo Ulugbek speaks.

My gray child in my arms,

Sniper boy, falcon eye boy.

My own child stabbed in the throat,

Who do I tell about my pain.

I didn't notice..then when,

I look at the stars.

I don't know what's wrong with me,

Who do I tell about my pain.

I was not so sad,

I hadn’t swallowed so many oats.

I didn’t expect my own baby!

Who do I tell about my pain.

My body freezes, sometimes I freeze,

I am not a king, I am a father,

I'm thinking in my grave,

Who do I tell about my pain.


           Mirza Babur

As a result,

The throne was taken by the enemy,

As a result, my country remained

I went to Afghanistan and crossed the river.

Good luck coming and going

Your best friend is selling too

As he threw stones at you,

I was surprised to cross the river.

I have two eyes,

My word like coal is on my tongue.

My tongue is burning, one in my tongue

Armon, I went across the river.

Happy walk now

It's time to dump her and move on.

Bobur no, goodbye now,

Anjon, I went across the river.

Song: "It's not easy to forget them"

1st starter:

Through his poems, Muhammad Yusuf introduced not only himself, but also many hafiz and singers. Every word of the poet was a poem. He could find and write in the depths of the human heart. The poet's heart was beating with the heart of the people.

2st starter:

He was devoted to all subjects: love, Motherland, motherland, city anthems, historical figures, nature. He even loved everyone from "a tulip without a forehead" to a "tearful gazelle."

Poems. Students enter the stage.

Student 1:

I'm a male deer.

If I drive madly into the desert

You and I are the strangest people in the world.

I'm a male deer.

Not the wind, the bow that chased you,

Sayyad also destroyed my hut,

Your soul, my soul is a saving soul

I'm a male deer.

Student 2:

Gulim, it is a lie to say that kindness is in the eye

You are an unquenchable flame in my heart,

The more we don't see each other,

The more oils we have, the closer you are.

You are my sweet pain, my sweet pain.

You are the sun I found in the blues

Without the eyeballs I lost on the ground.

You were walking on the pillow of that eye of mine

You have built a heart in my heart

Standing on the tip of the slice to spill,

Without poetry, without a lifetime.

Student 3:

                   Belbog '

Pahlavon yigitcha polvon yigitcha,

He is a young man who has taken the sky.

It's a lie that you are Uzbek, young man,

Where is your belt?

Sorry, don't take my word for it,

My word stings your heart.

Why don't you look me in the eye,

Where is your belt?

After all, you are a tireless farmer,

You are a sweaty, ungrateful farmer.

You are the one who made the world prosper,

Where is your belt?

It's worth kissing your heels, this soil,

The more he kisses, the more he owes this soil.

But a man needs more pride,

Where is your belt?

A huge cotton field is the four oils of the country,

When you have covered the earth with white.

The king made of that cotton,

Where is your belt?

Farmer, shepherd, gardener,

Ninety-six tribes of the Turks.

O grandchildren of Mirza Babur, 

Where is your belt?

Abdullah Qadiri's heroes will appear on the stage.


My partner is different, he said,

When I say I've found my match.

Margilan is a lover

He grabbed my brother.

The laughter never left my eyes

There were tears in my eyes

Happiness in the blink of an eye 

It's hot, my friend.

What happened, young man, 

Don't look at your lady?

A thousand pieces of silver,

There is no need to ask Zaynab.

I would say destiny, fate,

I wouldn’t burn if I felt like it.

Begim, I love you, 

I loved less than silver.

A world of pain if I stay,

If I go - I have a house move,

He brought silver

There is a solution in the cart!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

You are Shirin and I am not Farhod,

You are bitter and I am not a novvot either.

Zaynab, Zaynab, don't tell me

You're a jerk, and I'm not a jerk either.

It's been a long time since anything happened,

We are a pair of birds in a cage giryon.

In a corner you are sad, I am sad,

I'm ruined and I'm not prosperous.

Song: "I saw Silver in Margilan"

1st starter:

The ideas of patriotism are the core of Muhammad Yusuf's poetry.

2st starter:

Everyone loves and respects the homeland. Muhammad Yusuf greets Uzbekistan with a special kindness.

1st starter:

He burned for the people, for the Motherland, for Independence. Remember his poem "Uzbekistan". What a beautiful, captivating, powerful song. Even the youth became hymns. Can a poet who has written such a poem die? No more! He is always alive. He is with us.

1st starter:

Much has been written about the homeland. But there is a difference between writing and writing. How true it was when Muhammad Yusuf said in a poem, "My country loves you without making claims." Indeed, he loved his people, his people, his homeland as a true child, unselfish, sincere. As a result of this love, his poetry emerged as just as grateful and unselfish poetry.


  • "Vatan"
  • "Vatan Madhi"
  • "You are great, my homeland"

Together they will sing the "Youth Anthem".

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