Scenario of the event dedicated to the life and work of Abdulla Aripov


The stage is festively decorated. There are photos and books of the poet Abdulla Aripov. Decorated with flowers. The event begins with the national anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The anthem was performed live by the students.
Starter 1: You've been with me
                          On any day
                          You've become a star
                          On the darkest nights
                          We had a good conversation
                          Goho jokes are in them
                          My greatest happiness is mine
                          My mother, poetry
                          The crown I found is mine
                          My dear, poetry.
2 Beginner:
                         I am with you
                         I learned a lesson from Hamsa
                          Distant stars
                          I put the magic in my heart
                          Not a guest, in the castle
                         Maybe I’ve lived a lifetime
                         My greatest happiness is mine
                        My mother, poetry
                        The crown I found is mine
                       My dear, poetry.
1st Leader: Assalamu alaykum, martyrs of poetry, devotees of poetry.
2- Leader: Assalamu alaykum, dear teacher and dear guests.
Starter 1: Welcome to our Mother's Poetry evening dedicated to the works of our beloved poet Abdulla Aripov.
Beginner 2: At our Poetry Night, you will listen to examples from the work of our beloved poet. We will once again have information about his life and work.
Starter 1: It’s not in vain, of course. Because we will soon be celebrating the birthdays of our beloved poet.
Leader 2: Indeed, Abdulla Aripov was born on March 1941, 21 in the village of Nekoz, Kasan district, Kashkadarya region. His father Arif Bobo was one of the wise men who saw a lot. Elda's attention was on those who had been leaders for many years, finding the word and speaking. Reaching the days of independence, he died seeing the glory of his son.
1st starter: Her mother, daughter of Turdi Karim, was a poet, a person who was sensitive to folk literature. He died early. But he saw the first book of his beloved son. These feelings are very sincerely expressed in his poem “Mother”.
Starter 2: At this point, let's give the turn to our friends and enjoy the poet's poems. Please.
(Poem "Mother")
Leader 1: You know the national anthem, of course. You have seen a lot of what is said in ceremonies. You have memorized it yourself. We watched with pride and pride that our athletes won international competitions and our anthem was played when our flag was raised. Not only in ceremonies, he is always supportive of us.
Starter 2: Radio and television start each day with this anthem and end it with it. Because it is a symbol of our state, a symbol of our independence. It is a symbol of our coexistence among many countries in the world. The author of the words of this anthem is the poet Abdulla Aripov.
Beginner 1: The poet's work is diverse. He creates on a variety of topics. In the poems of the poet, the feelings of homeland, nature, friendship and love are expressed with a special charm.
2nd starter: You are right …………… (the name of the starter is mentioned). No matter what the poet A. Aripov addresses, he sings the people's pain together, tapping the strings of the human heart and ending the burning verses that reach the depths of the heart.
Starter 1: Let's continue our conversation after listening to examples from the works of the poet.
Beginner 2: It would be great. Please.
Students recite the poet's poems "Why I love Uzbekistan", "The wind of my country", "Listening to prayers".
Beginner 1: Everyone's destiny
                         Let the period cause.
                         Poet's flour is the poet's.
                        Let there be harmony
                        If I am proud of my life.
                        Let every mother be the cause.
                        My greatest happiness is mine.
                       My mother, poetry.
                       The crown I found is mine.
                      My dear poetry.
Starter 2: I realized that in the universe.
                         The country is lonely, the homeland is lonely.
                         My busy life.
                         Unprecedented, that chaman is lonely.
                         No points, no, no.
                         Alone you are tall, lonely.
                         My greatest happiness is mine.
                        My mother, poetry.
                        The crown I found is mine.
                        My dear, poetry.
Beginner 1: Yes, the poet, who knows the content of poetry, no matter what subject he writes about, no matter what he writes about, the Motherland stands before his eyes, he takes a pen in his hand in the class of a child of that great Motherland. That is why his poems are always lively, his voice is bold, his spirit is fresh.
Leader 2: Abdulla Aripov is not a satirical poet by nature. However, in each of his poems he denies something, advocates something. Uses a variety of opportunities to fully express the contradictions of life. His satirical poems were the result of these possibilities. Let us now listen to such poems of the poet. We invite 5th graders to the stage. Please.
Starter 1: Spring has come again, again in the universe.
                          An amazing beauty, an amazing bayot.
                          I congratulate you on this great moment.
                          My great shoulder, victorious life.
2nd Beginner: Like a tulip leaf, grief from a flying heart,
                          The floods come in, my heart is mine.
                           Happy spring, let this holiday,
                          My Uzbekistan is a charming Motherland.
('' Alisher's mother '', '' To the teachers '', '' Spring '' poems)
Starter 1: Hopefully, we'll make it.
                         In the distance with you.
                         My goal is to burn,
                         He to the bright lights.
                         If we don't meet, now
                         In different parts.
                         My greatest happiness is,
                         My mother, poetry.
                         The crown I found is mine,
                         My dear, poetry.
Leader 2: The truth is in you, let Murad die.
                         Your joy is not gold,
                         And the life of the truth.
                         As long as the truth, but
                        Heads up always,
                        Abdullah is at your doorstep
                       My greatest happiness is mine.
                       My mother, poetry.
                       The crown I found is mine,
                       My dear, poetry.
Leader 1: Thus, the People's Poet of Uzbekistan.
2- Leader: The poem "MOTHER, POETRY" dedicated to the works of the poet Abdulla Aripov, the holder of the honorary title of the Hero of Uzbekistan, has come to the end of our evening.
Beginner 1-2: Thank you for your attention. Goodbye.

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