Abdulla Oripov. Spring Poems


Abdulla ORIPOV
Bitter Tea
You intend to breastfeed half a state,
Poor rich breastfeeding on a full day.
Love never chooses beauty,
When sleep comes, the stone sucks.
Whether in the countryside or in the city,
If the Lord likes a verb,
Hizr is always on the journey as a companion,
The bird that landed on your head was Humoy.
Unless you have a specific destination, you're just moving the car.
Make a bow before you turn thirty.
You couldn't even build a tent to live in,
When you turn fifty, you say, "Wow."
Did God give mind and heart,
They also need a decent environment.
Whoever has a home, a pillar of snow,
Even in old age, the river is flooded.
Hello, happy birthday,
Thank you, you are with the moon, with the sun.
And yet the direction of the wine is different,
Substitute bitter tea sucking.
Unless I go out to the mountains,
I would talk to bears.
I would pick hawthorn, maybe side by side,
Companions day and night like loving friends.
If I dive into the deep ocean,
I lived under the waters.
The fish can't stand the noise,
They don't shout like us.
One day I will fly to the skies,
I would hit the left in the line of cranes.
Familiar word with stars,
I would join the party and be a companion.
These words will never come true,
Now I'm completely in a trance.
Don't tell anyone else, even
I can't find a way to please my grandson.
Progress has not stopped yet,
It's like a human being coming out of a cave.
He was able to come to a special test,
But he forgot his identity, ghost!
Sadly, Man turned to despair,
He is also a coach who relies on money.
Emotions are set aside,
A man who retires prematurely.
No one has anything to do with you,
Well, hang your lamp on the blue mountain.
They don't even ask your name once,
You're just a slave to that number.
Chilla decided to sit down and intend,
One day the saint went into the cave.
The lovers said in a loud voice:
"May your prayers be answered, O God."
But as time went on,
The muridu began to forget.
In the middle of what happened,
Some disaster came and the winner.
After a while, the chilla period is over,
The saint left the cave that day.
The tenderness of his heart,
Satisfied to go to the fans.
Those who were some yesterday, however,
They were greeted with an evil look.
"The devil has come," he shouted.
He was chased out of the hand.
Whenever a man goes astray,
Except faith is weak in the heart.
No more prayers, no more blindness,
Sarsondir is a saint, Pirs is a wanderer.
Even goodness will disappear,
Both eyes of a soft conscience.
When the saint steps towards the cave,
It was the Devil himself who entered the hearts.
The evening is slow,
The night begins
In the corners of Tashkent.
My son and I will be alone
Huge on the streets of this city.
Millions of lights falling from the sky,
A floor covered with a strange light.
This place will be jammed near and far,
The taste of youth that I have tasted in it.
My soul is sharpened in great circles,
I saw respect and attention from my friends.
Mysterious poetry is full of sweetness,
Maybe I have traces on the stairs.
I'm old now, my dears are few,
I don't know where I'm going all of a sudden.
The world seems to be shrinking,
Although they still respect my poem.
My child, and wonderfully, he is also homeless,
It was as if the two of us had stayed on the beach.
The city is boiling, people are different,
No luck but for us.
Along the endless paths of life,
Let's take a step somewhere quietly.
I'm singing something,
I don't know what's on my child's mind.
Human thinking, happiness,
John should never be tied to a coincidence.
"The decline of the world is the decline of the scientist"
The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said this sooner or later.
Wisdom is not learned, but man,
Consciousness was underfoot.
Even if we walk on the ground, careless, restless,
Every life we ​​have, thank goodness for that.
My son, follow only the way of the Truth,
Just pray for goodness.
Forget that one day these tests will be,
Rely only on your great will.
To my joy and cry,
The sun appears again in the morning.
I remember my distant youth,
The city rubs my head like my mother.
Suddenly I came from the street in my yard,
I stuck my head in the beehive.
Whichever day the herald bird warns,
Suddenly I came across a pack of wolves.
Once upon a time in the summer,
Suddenly I fell into the abyss of winter.
I walked in the frost, wearing a cloak,
But I was exposed to summer taffeta.
To see heaven, I built a shrine,
How many trials have I endured.
And yet without leaving the world,
I've been with the people of hell.
After all, I'm looking for goodness,
A great prayer lived in my heart.
Unfortunately, all downloads are a pity,
If not, they respond.
Forty years of humiliation, slowly melting,
I didn’t close my front door tightly.
I understood everything on my own, however
I couldn’t find anyone who understood me.
Of course I don't like you at all,
Although I write poetry in order to please.
One of you is at the top of the stairs,
The second one is at the bottom of it.
Your thoughts never come out of nowhere,
One is a mill, the other a grain.
As if I were a miller,
I can't speak, I'm confused.
Sunny days you like,
One of you is in love with a rainy day.
One of you is always sad,
The other is always frustrated.
You are a martyr and but the difference is much,
Your taste is different, even mixed.
At the same time, no matter how hard you try,
I can't tell you two different songs.
Maybe to understand your hearts
Years go by slowly and hard.
You can agree, inshallah, one day,
The mystery with the puzzle between you.
Now, your pain is absolutely different,
You will not agree with me this opportunity.
Although I look white for someone,
I only look for the latter.
I am from the East,
I'm not lost,
I wrap my arms around art.
Tagore was a Hindu and wrote hymns,
Mulla Tuychi's "Black Eyes".
Although I did not try to discover,
Superstition constantly blocked my way.
Though my mind embraces the universe,
He was always accompanied by a chariot and a horse.
I even smelled the sun,
I felt the stars iforin wrong.
If I loved, I walked in the desert of Karbala,
Entered my dreams Tajmahal alone.
Others created, and I created day and night,
I did not turn him from charm or.
Unfortunately, even one day of the most beautiful flower,
It has to fade and be trampled.
I dug wealth from under the ground,
Never expect it to end.
Wedding, lost bar bisoti,
It's as if I'm a rich man.
Now I realize, my fame
Great geniuses as long as you provide.
My apartment from the arrows of the enemies
Adoption is always a blessing.

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