‼ ️What is the reason for not being obese? 🤔 (cachexia)


‼ ️What is the reason for not being obese? 🤔 (cachexia)

1. If you are a minor, that is, the organism is growing

2. If there are many thin people in your lineage

3. If there are internal hormonal disorders or diseases of the digestive system

4. If there are parasites in the body

5. If the body is very sexually satisfied (especially at a young age)

6. In smokers (weight gain will be more difficult if you start smoking at a lean time)

7. Low calorie foods, basically the same diet

8. Stress

9. Restlessness, being in excessive physical labor

10. Low sleep

🔴The most important thing is not to choose food, eat often, natural obesity only and only with food👨‍⚕️