I am Uzbek


I am Uzbek
I. Introduction: A new page in the development of the modern country
II. Main part:
1) New management and new strategy
2) The path of the new Uzbekistan
3) Let's look at our past
III. Conclusion: Let's be worthy children of the Motherland!
Today, Uzbekistan has entered a qualitatively new stage of its independent development. Along the way, it has been cooperating effectively with many countries and major international organizations in various fields. In particular, significant results are being achieved in developing friendly and mutually beneficial relations with foreign countries.
It can be said that today the head of our state is a leader who strives for the well-being not only of Uzbekistan, but also of Central Asia, living and working with the dream of transforming the region into an industrialized, prosperous and widely integrated region.
In a short period of time, the people of Uzbekistan have made great strides, which is the basis for our country to take a worthy place in the world community. In this regard, the process of reforms and modernization initiated by the head of our state, including the policy of strengthening ties with neighboring countries, is recognized by the world community. The achievements in the socio-political and economic life of our country have been strengthening over the years. Indeed, in a historically short period of time, unprecedented changes have taken place in all spheres, which is rightly a cause for admiration.
In conclusion, I would like to say that the head of our state is creating a wide range of opportunities for young people. We must be worthy children of our country, which has used these opportunities!

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