The future of Uzbekistan is in my imagination


The future of Uzbekistan is in my imagination

I. K iris h. On the history and prospects of Uzbekistan.
II. A s o si u part: 1. "Why do I love Uzbekistan?"
2. Uzbekistan is facing the world.
3. Natural resources of my homeland.
4. My homeland is a developed industrial area.
5. In the anthem of poets and writers of Uzbekistan.
III. X u 1 o s a. Uzbekistan is a country with a great future.
A land of gold blossoms in the soil,
A country, whispers in the winter, spring,
A country that misses the sun a little kor
A countryman, angry with anger,
The power of happiness is crushed by the stone.
Musa Tashmuhammad ogli Oybek

Every people, nation always wants and strives to live freely. The Uzbek people also achieved their long-held dream on August 1991, 31. Independence paved the way for the realization of the people's unfulfilled dreams for centuries, / One of our dreams was to have the state status of our native language. Although the Law on the State Language was adopted before independence, during the years of independence, ample opportunities have been created for the development of our native language, and attention has been paid to its study.
The homeland is as sacred as a shrine. Homeland begins at the threshold. Homeland is a family, a corner where I was born and grew up, a neighbor, a neighborhood, a village, a school, a sheep, everything on the ground where I live. 'z does weakness. That is why we respect the Motherland and consider every inch of its land sacred. We consider it our duty to contribute to its prosperity, peace, to always be vigilant, and to protect it from internal and external enemies.
Why does every nation love its Motherland? There are lands on earth where a year - twelve months is not summer or vice versa. Those who live in the same countries do not exchange their homeland for another country. Why? Because there is a great notion of a sense of homeland here. The place where everyone's umbilical cord blood is shed is sacred, his Homeland. It is with this feeling that we love Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan is rich in natural resources. It is the duty of each of us to preserve these riches. During the period of independence, great attention is paid to the development of industry and entrepreneurship, and joint ventures are being built with foreign investment. Efforts are being made to produce finished products and export them. We know from history that the creators of each epoch sang and praised the Motherland. During the years of independence, a number of works glorifying independence were created.
Uzbekistan is a country with a great future. We feel and see it at every step, in the daily activities of our country. The future of Uzbekistan depends in many ways on the upbringing of our youth, on our upbringing as a harmoniously developed generation. In this sense, we must feel the idea of ​​national independence with our hearts and minds, love and study national values, our history, and be faithful to them. Love and respect the homeland. Because she is as holy as a mother!
In short, the economic and spiritual development of our people is determined by the deep respect of every citizen living in our country. As citizens of Uzbekistan, we always feel that we have contributed to the great changes taking place in our country. This allows us to take a more active part in the life of society, to become a true patriot, a conscious citizen of our country.

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