Cracked nipple


Cracked nipple

🔴 During breastfeeding, some women may notice a light nipple. A strong lean will contribute to this problem.
🔴 The skin of the nipple is very delicate, and during breastfeeding, it experiences an unusually strong effect. Baby national will be tough enough. After giving birth, it is necessary to put it on the breast 10 times

💢 There are a number of factors that cause cracking:

🔴 concave shape of the nipple
If the pacifier is flat or pulled in, it will be more difficult for the baby to hold it properly and increase the chance of injury and cracking.

Mixed feeding. If the baby is fed sometimes with breast milk and sometimes with artificial mixtures, the child's adjustment of how hard to suck milk from the breast will be disturbed. Therefore, he may create too much pressure during sucking.

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