Articles about water


We need proverbs about water, a set of sayings about water that exist among the people.

I don't think there are many proverbs about water, but I still write proverbs with the word "water" in them (their essence may not be water):

  • Earth is a treasure, water is a pearl.
  • Water that destroys the earth and water that repairs it.
  • The water that flows before you is worthless.
  • Water is gold, water is gold.
  • The water looks gentle and the liver is rocky.
  • Less water is a disaster, more is a disaster.
  • A friend looks at a friend, the water flows into the stream.
  • The taste of the soup is with salt, the taste of the water is with ice.
  • Water is the source of life.
  • If you give water to the wind, you will live for a thousand years.
  • Each mare praises the spring from which she drank.
  • There is no filth in running water.
  • One person digs a ditch, a thousand people drink water.
  • Water in the pond - foul grass.
  • The blind find the blind, the water is the pit.
  • The water of the moon is light, the water of the river is water.
  • Someone can't find water to drink, someone can't find water.
  • Water cannot be poured even if it is boiled a thousand times.
  • Do not spit into your drinking well.
  • When drinking water, remember to dig a ditch.
  • Drink water, do not pollute the spring.
  • Thirst does not quench with distant water.
  • The water also stops on hard ground.
  • When you squeeze the stone, no water comes out.
  • The piss, the madness is different, the calmly flowing water drowns.
  • Do not lean on the water, do not worship the wild.

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