❓It's no secret that men are more prone to infidelity than those who live as a family. It depends not only on the character or temperament of the macho, but also on his profession. Scientists have learned what professions make it easier to make romantic creations than anyone else.
❗️❗️❗️ I will say in advance that this is a world ranking, we can not say the same in Uzbekistan. In conclusion, do not doubt your faithful partner!
Based on numerous studies and anonymous surveys, it can be said that more than 30% of women and more than 70% of men are prone to infidelity. It is easier to flirt in the workplace, which does not cause inconvenience in the work process - it creates conditions for those who are prone to betrayal. Just don’t think that gynecologists and sexopathologists stand out among unreliable men, on the contrary, it’s the opposite opinion.
✔️ Bankers, as well as cardiologists and surgeons take a high place in the ranking of "unreliable men", no wonder! Apparently, most women just want to fall in love with a doctor, because the doctor can ask for help at any time (not only medically, but also in other things), and the doctor understands the woman better than the man.
✔️ They are followed by creative professionals - artists, actors, who are always inspired, in a romantic mood, and men who are more feminine than others.
✔️ Men who don't walk much "left" include pilots, sailors and brokers.
✔️ The most reliable men among the owners of professions are builders, miners, drivers, firefighters and rescuers.
In fact, they are both men and they have testosterone in their blood, and the reason they don’t cheat is because of the heavy work process, fatigue, and the almost absence of women in the workplace.
👫 Scientists have also found that many men do not want the wrong lifestyle, they love their wife and family, they want to live a healthy life. But sababi the reason for the left walks is often the desire to get away from home with a business trip and sometimes feel new emotions, that is, to prove to himself once again that he is a real macho.
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