Betrayal love lions


Betrayal love lions
There is a smile on the blue face,
The star is your sparkling eyes.
It sounded in my ear again,
The call is your rich, soft words.

I picked up the phone excitedly...
... Silence, silence, silence...
... and I was very disappointed,
Imagination cheated. Betrayal.

Oh, dreams are deceiving,
Or ask MSN.
Oh, dreams don't know, life is lost without love.
My two eyes are two different worlds,

And the heart is the whole world.
Oh, my room lit with love,
Without him, it's winter, life is a dream...
A story about time

Time Governor… we call it fate,
Time is the judge... our lives are limited to a day,
Time is the judge... we see in the form of happiness,
If it's enough for me, thank you.
Abdulla BOKI (Kenjaboev)

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